Aug 23, 2013

Bee in my Bonnet Row Along, quilted!!!

My beautiful "Bee in my Bonnet Row Along" quilt is finished!!!
I really love the way Cindy quilted it :)

I drove to a few parks looking for a place in the shade to photograph my quilt.
I found a golf course, but the quilt was too heavy to hang from a tree with clothes pins.
I found a pretty Elementary school but the iron fence was too thick for the clothes pins to hold onto.
I gave up and photographed the rest of the quilt in my house.
This photo was taken outdoors, mostly in the shade, partially in the sun :)

I love the pink scalloped border fabric, it's really bright and happy.
The binding is the same fabric as the little green border.

This is the best photo I could get of the entire quilt, not too good!

I hung the quilt over a chair, it just looks good wherever it hangs.
Lori has written a companion book to this quilt, it's called "Quilty Fun" and you can pre order it here.
It's full of adorable quilts and projects with the cute little designs from this quilt.  
I'm really anxious to get my copy in September :)
It was so much fun seeing everyone's blocks and finished quilts, it felt like a virtual quilt guild.

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  1. Such a cute quilt! The colors are perfect!

  2. Im so happy that you got your quilt done....It makes me excited to hop-to-it...Thank you for being so inspiring to us all. It was very sweet of you to share.

  3. I love your quilting on it. Your pink border is adorable. You have reminded me that I need to finish mine up. I have to add the border and quilt.

  4. Waiting for my copy of Lori's book too! :) I hope this ones in my future to-do list. Your Cindy does a beautiful job. Do you just leave it up to her? Do you mind me asking what folks charge in California and Utah to machine quilt? It varies around here .

  5. I love your quilt! This would be a great way to use up scraps, but I actually like it better in the colors you used :) Love the little girl in the doorway - nice touch!