Mar 27, 2017

Farm Girl Vintage, Strawberry quilt

I made the Scrappy Strawberry block, and my Bees Knees quilting bee helped me make most of the rest of the blocks.
I made an orangey and a pinkish strawberry, and added some blue tops as well as the green ones. 
I wanted the strawberries to pop, so I used a green border instead of a red or pink one.

I signed up for a Jackie Gehring quilt class with your walking foot, on Craftsy.
I learned this machine quilting technique there :)

All the machine quilting was time consuming, but worth it :)

I used a soft pink minky for the back.

I love the look of all of these squares!
I'm so happy that I finished this quilt!

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Mar 20, 2017

Tablet and keyboard holder

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My son asked me to make him a case that would hold his mini iPad and keyboard.
I had the best time choosing the fabric, but a difficult time with the dimensions.
I added a boxed bottom, and couldn't really envision the extra fabric to add for it.
I used the same tutorial that I have used to make many other tablet holders.
I found it on  Pinterest,  here.

He wanted a zipper pocket to put his earphones and charger.

He loves the "write your own story..." tab!

 I chose a blue fabric for the inside, and picked the blue zipper to match.
It sits on the table because of the box bottom.

These are my calculations!
In the end, the case came out a little smaller than I anticipated, but everything fits just right.