Nov 25, 2019

Paisley's tooth fairy envelope

I have a tradition that whenever a grandchild has their first wiggly tooth, they draw a picture of the tooth fairy for me and I make them a little envelope to put their tooth in.
This is Paisley's drawing of the tooth fairy, isn't she the prettiest?
Paisley is only 5 years old and might have the "artist" gene :)

I print the drawing from my photos on the computer.
We only have a black ink lacerate, so I have to label the colors :)
I printed the picture in 4" X 6" format.

Then I lay some fabric on top of the picture and trace 
with a friction pen.
The ink disappears when you iron it.

Then I add some pretty fabric...

I line the envelope and add a little flap.
Paisley's favorite colors are green, purple and orange.
The envelope is where you can put written correspondence
with the tooth fairy, which is so important!

The little pocket in the back is where Paisley 
will put her little tooth when it falls out :)

It's difficult living far away from my family, so I do these little things that will hopefully make me memorable for years to come!
This is Paisley a year ago, such a cutie patootie!!!

Nov 18, 2019

Sleeping Beauty

Every year, my daughter Lindsay creates 
"themed" costumes for her children.
This year, Lindsay was Briar Rose 
from the movie Sleeping Beauty.

Pretty good eh?
She even acts the part :)

Then there are the fairy godmothers who protect Briar Rose in the woods.  
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

Flora is in red, that's Kennedy.
Fauna is in green, that's Lucy.
Merry weather is blue, that's Charlotte.

Lindsay is a self taught seamstress.
I gave her some help when she was a newlywed 
but she took off from there.
I love Kennedy's wig :)

It looks like it took a lot of fabric to make the hats!

Isn't this the cutest face?
It looks like Fauna is up to something!!!

Lindsay's a very good teacher, she even coached her husband 
on how to take their group shots :)

Thanks for following, 
I love to brag when a family member is creative!

Nov 11, 2019

Hansel and Gretel panel

Santa's workshop is in full swing at my house :)
I bought a Stacy Iset Hsu panel on Etsy and made this adorable little Hansel and Gretel set.
It comes with the dolls, the little teddy bear, the bunny,
pillow and quilt.

Some of my grandchildren just love these, 
they're so much fun to play with.
They come on a panel, you simply cut along the dotted lines, sew, turn right side out, press, stuff and stitch closed.
(oh, is that all, you say!!!)

While I was in my sewing room, 
you can see that the little girls were very curious.

I also ordered this James Marshall book on Amazon.
The story is a little much though, because their mother makes the father take them to the woods so that they can get lost, 
or eaten by a witch!
There's a happy ending though, the children live happily ever after with their father... even though he was rather weak...

This is what the panel looks like, 
with very easy to follow instructions.

I always make a lined drawstring back to hold everything in.
You can see my previous posts on Goldilocks, 

Nov 4, 2019

Lori Holt quilt retreat

My friend Natalie flew in from Sacramento, California, and we went to a Lori Holt retreat in Phoenix!

My friend Pam was there too, she used to be a member of our 
Farm Girl Chicks.

Lori showed us her beautiful "crazy quilt" table runner.

She had the best crazy quilt paper to make the table runner too.
You can find all of her fabric and notions at fat quarter shop.

I was able to share my grandson's Eagle quilt which I'll have ready to give to him at Christmas :)
Funny story!
My 12 year old grand daughter Kennedy texted me that she looked at my blog and saw Bridger's quilt.
She loved it and promised she wouldn't tell anyone :)
Isn't that the sweetest?

Lori always designs a block for her retreats, 
and a quilt to go with the block.
She designed an egg block to go with 
our mama hen, roosting roosters and baby chicks.

This is the quilt she designed for us,
Farm Fresh Eggs.
It's so cute, can hardly wait to make it!!!
I have a lot of Christmas sewing, 
so it will have to wait until the new year.

Here is Lori's lovely "peep" Rosana, showing the back.
I really want to get some of this fabric!
No, I NEED to get some of this fabric...

Lori had an apron exchange too, and posed with all of us.
Lori and her peeps wrote down names in duplicate of the Farm Girl blocks, enough to have double of everyone exchanging aprons.
Someone would call a block name and the corresponding block would raise their hand, and they would exchange aprons.
My apron went to Julie, and hers to me.
I received a beautiful vintage apron, with organza.

Lori told the quit shop owner that she only likes a group of 25.
The greedy quilt shop owner (loooooong story....) 
packed 63 of us in the room.
We were like a chicken coop! (Ha ha!)

 I only sewed this little 3 l/2" strawberry and cut out 3 blocks.
We did a lot of visiting :)

 It was great to see my Instagram friend Anette at the retreat.

Natalie and I had to have our photo taken with Lori!

Lori and I go way back, I took 3 quilt classes from her, when I made Thanksgiving Dinner, 
Comforts of Home and Paperdoll appliqué quilts.

Lori is so talented, we had the best time learning from her and getting tips.
Lori is also nice, generous and so much more!
I took this photo to show you all the gifts she gave us.
I'm so excited to try them all out.
 We had the best time visiting and learning from Lori.