Jul 11, 2016

My selvage dress!

post signatureSewing a dress made out of selvages has been on my sewing bucket list for a few years :)
I finally got it done!

I used Kona white for the base.

I hand picked the selvages from all of my favorite fabric designers.

You can even read cute quotes on some of the selvages, namely Cotton and Steel!

Selvages used to be just circles with the colors of dye used for the fabric.
Not any more!!!

Now, even the names of the fabrics are really cute!

I can also tell you what project I used most of the fabrics for.

I topstitched every single selvage, that was a lot of sewing!

Next on my list is a skirt, and maybe a dress for one of my grand daughters :)


  1. Oh Wow - ever neat! I've been meaning to make some spool blocks with mine. You did a beautiful job - must be fun to reminisce about each project as you wear this!

  2. Wow Cynthia, your dress is awesome. You did an amazing job. xxx