Jan 9, 2022

A Quilting Life, block of the month 2021

 My first finish of 2022!  

Since I had my quilt giveaway with my grandchildren and children,  I haven't been sewing as much.  I'm spending time on other things.  I still love to sew, but not as much :). 

 I made the sashing just like Lori Holt's quilt in her Spelling Bee book, as in this photo.

Here's my quilt!  My goal was to use pastel colors, for a more soft look.  Of course it will look better when I machine quilt it.  I used scraps for the blocks and luckily I had some pretty pink for the borders in my stash.  

Do you follow "all people quilt"?  Every year in January, they post a UFO Challenge.  It's a printout from 1-12.  Beside each number, you put the name of a quilt or a project that you want to complete.  The first day of every month, All People Quilt will post the number that they have randomly chosen.  You are then challenged to finish the project beside that number.  It's really fun, challenging and helps you finish projects.  Here is a link to the download, so you can print your UFO 2022 sheet.  They've already chosen the number for this month. 

Have a great week and I'll check back with you :) 

Jan 2, 2022

Taylor's Tooth Fairy Envelope

Recently, I've realized that I have quite a few traditions that I do with and for my grandchildren.
  • heirloom blessing gown and bonnet
  • new baby quilt when they're born
  • wall hangings for baby ( this tradition ended, as my children said they don't have room on the walls anymore, lol!)
  • birthday banner when they turn 1 or 2
  • tooth fairy envelope when they get their first loose tooth!
I have more traditions that I/we do at Christmas, but that's for another day.
Taylor is 5, and she lost her first tooth!
It turns out that Taylor is very creative, she drew the most beautiful and colorful picture of the toothfairy!
Often, I trace the picture on my lightbox, but Taylor's picture was pretty big so I just drew it by eye.  

I think this picture is awesome for a Kindergartner!  Taylor colored within the lines, used different colors, didn't scribble, and drew little details like wings and a heart and a bow on the waist, in a different color!

 I embroidered Taylor's picture and trimmed it in pink because Taylor loves PINK ­čĺĽ (so do I...) I purposely used fabrics that I used in quilts/baskets/dolls/bags that I've made for Taylor and her sisters.  It can be a scavenger hunt Taylor, hunt for the fabric that I used in your tooth fairy envelope.  
The pink button is from a "Simon Chang" designer outfit my mother gave me years ago from her dress boutique :)

The backing is another fabric that Taylor can look for on her scavenger fabric hunt!  The little pocket is where Taylor can put her tooth for the tooth fairy to build her castle.  The dogs look like Taylor's dog, Charlie.

I lined the envelope, that's where Taylor can put her note to the tooth fairy.  Every one writes to the tooth fairy, don't they?  
Dear Tooth Fairy, are you really real?  Where do you live?  What do you look like?  What do you do with all the teeth?

This project definately made my heart happy!  I love Taylor and was so happy that I could make something special for her, especially since we don't live very close to each other.
Taylor's mom made this beautiful vinyl for my sewing machine.

Here's another quote that I really like and only found out about a few days ago!

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul."  by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Each toothfairy envelope that I made is different btw, so each grandchild can have an original :)

You can see some of my others Kylie, Maisie, Reagan, Neo, Paisley, Izzy, Kennedy, and Lucy :)

Dec 19, 2021

A Quilting Life block of the month 2021

I've been making Sherri's block of the month blocks this year, in 12" size.  It has been really enjoyable, I've been using soft pastel colored prints.  Here are the blocks on my design wall.

I won't be able to finish it before Christmas, I'll be busy enjoying the season.  

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Dec 12, 2021

The twelve days of Christmas

 I have wanted to do the twelve days of Christmas for over 30 years!

This year is the year!  I did a little research and found some ideas that I really liked.  I used Jeni Baker's pattern "Lined Drawstring Bag" and made the snack size.  I meant to make 12 of them, but somehow I only ended up with 11...That's ok, I'm just using a paper bag for the first day.  I found a cute little Nativity set on Amazon, the figures are 3" tall.  Perfect!

I think they're really cute!

This is my basket of bags, each bag has a tag on it with the name of the nativity piece and the scripture that goes along with it.

There are only 10 pieces in the nativity set, so I made some things up for Day 1 & 2.

You can see the paper bag, I have a battery candle inside and a picture of the Savior for Day 1.

Day 2 has an inspirational quote book inside.

I just love these little bags.  They are a little difficult to give away... 

I know the recipients will love getting a surprise every night and seeing their nativity come to life.

There is so much more happiness in giving than in receiving, although it's fun to receive too ❤️

It's going to be a busy 12 days, and the recipients have a RING doorbell so I'm going to have to be creative to stay anonymous :)

Enjoy every moment of preparing for Christmas ❤️

Dec 5, 2021

The Quilt Giveaway and Cute Grandchildren

Well, the quilt giveaway was successful!

I think all of my grandchildren were happy with their selections.

My son did an incredible job capturing all the excitement and anticipation of the activity ❤️

I'm not sure if the video is going to load, I haven't had success loading a video onto my blog for years!

You can go to my Facebook page, Dream Quilt Create


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Leave a comment and tell me what you think :)

Nov 28, 2021


I'm grateful for my family and will show you some photos once they are edited :) 

We had the choosing of the 27 quilts for 15 grandchildren.
It was so successful, my son made an incredible video that captured all the fun and emotion of the activity.
It's funny too!
It should be ready later in the week :)
Below is a photo of the 27 quilts ❤️

Nov 14, 2021

Sewing bags

 Since I have all of my "grandchildren" quilts sewn....I've been wondering how to occupy all my newly acquired free time ❤️

I learned a long time ago that unless I have some ideas in my head and maybe even on paper, I can waste a lot. of time.  I've been decorating for Christmas and reading some books and preparing for our family reunion.  I've also been making some bags.  I've made about 8 Sew Together bags for gifts, but I've never made one for myself.  One of my favorite designers is Rifle Paper Co, so I used this fun "Alice in Wonderland" gold on black fabric along with some Rifle Paper flowers.  

The side is pretty colorful!  Each zipper coordinates with the color of flower fabric that I used.  Of course, I'm only as good as my fabric and zipper stash.... I think you can see that the inner lining is a black fabric with gold stars.  Not quite as scrappy as other bags I've made :)

The first pocket is pink.

The second pocket is yellow.

The third pocket is green.

The bag is matchy matchy with a punchbag I made a few weeks ago.

I love this Sew Together bag, but I may just gift it to someone special instead of keeping it for myself :)

I also made three more lined drawstring bags.  

Choosing fabric is the best!