Mar 27, 2022

Tell Me a Story block swap

 Amy Friend from her blog/Instagram, is During Quiet Time.  These are the blocks that I made for the swap.

Once upon a time, there was a huge killer whale.  His name was Shampoo and he wanted to swim in the beautiful blue ocean with his family.  There was a problem though, he was in the confines of an aquarium.  As luck would have it, he was able to swim free one day.  All of his dreams came true, as there was his family waiting for him.  Off they swam together, as free as killer whales in the deep blue sea. 

Once upon a time there was a girl named little Miss Paisley. She grew up on a farm and loved doing her daily chores.  One of her favorites chores was milking her cow Bessie.  She would  take the bucket of milk to the kitchen and skim off the cream.  Carefully, she poured the cream into a little jar and screwed on the lid and put it in a basket.  Off she skipped to the garden where she could have some privacy.  She laid out a little picnic quilt and sat down on it right next to a strawberry runner.  Large, red, plump strawberries.  She carefully plucked the prettiest, juciest ones, put them in a bowl and poured some cream on top.  She savored every bite and dreamed of all the wonderful and incredible things she would one day accomplish.

Lola the llama thought she was better than all of the other llamas.  She pranced around on her tippy toes and showed off her white curly fur.  Lola prided herself on never having been pricked by a cactus needle.  "Oh, I'm so smart", she thought.  The other llamas thought of cactus needles as pins and needles.  Lola thought of cactus needles as safety pins.  

One weekend, there were some little scouts roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  They were laughing, thinking that they dodged the other scouts by sneaking away.  Little did they realize that they left their footprints everywhere, which led the other scouts right to them. 

Once upon a time there was a little kitty cat. She loved growing beautiful flowers and was so happy when it rained because her flowers became really big!

Once upon a time there lived a little cat who loved bird watching.  She stood in her garden where she had a perfect view of them in their nests.  One by one, the birds began disappearing.  To this day, no one knows what ever happened to them...

And that folks, is the end of my story telling for today ­čśŐ 


Mar 20, 2022

Stay Gold

 I’ve fallen in love with the most beautiful fabric that I just couldn’t resist. It’s called Stay Gold by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society.

These fat quarters are so beautiful, Ruby Star and Cotton & Steel are my personal favorites right now. I also bought this two yard panel with designs from the designer’s past fabric lines. 

My friend Nedra and I are going to make this quilt together. The blocks are ver big, we’ve each made three when we got together for a sew day last week. We’re making the quilt below. 

The quilt is a little too big so we are going to make 4 blocks across and 5 blocks down. 

I think I must have 5 quilts in progress! 

Happy quilting and see you next week ❤️

Mar 14, 2022


 I've been working on a lot of projects, but don't have any cute photos to show you except the blocks on my design wall.

I'm up to date on the Riley Blake Design Block challenge, using Tasha Noel fabric.  I made another leaf block and another block with the heart in the center.  I made use the duplicates on the back of the quilt. I have 8 blocks completed, so halfway there.  The blocks are released every Tuesday, except for the last Tuesday of the month.

I'm also making the Heartfelt blocks from Fat Quarter shop. I had a fat quarter bundle of "Just Red" by Zen Chic and have been looking for something special to make with it.  I am using the beautiful Corey Yoder background just like the pattern.  

I'm also enjoying the 31 days of Amy's Creative Side's Instagram quilt fest.  Sometimes it's a little challenging finding the photo, but it's so much fun seeing what other people write about.

Have a great Quilty week!

Mar 7, 2022

A Christmas Carol

I found this blog a few years ago and have been dying to make some of these ornaments.  I showed them to two of my daughters and they loved them too!  My daughters love The Christmas Carol so that is the series we are making, The Ebenezer series.  Below is Mr. Marley, he is only about 4" tall. I really love the embroidery and beadwork, it's very relaxing to just sit and do some handwork.


After I complete this series which consists of Scrooge, and the ghost of Christmas past, present and future, I would like to do the series Twas the Night.  It includes Mr. and Mrs. Claus and some elves.  I think that Larissa is still adding to her series of ornaments.  What first caught my eye, was The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Here is the link to her blog.

On her blog is a link to her Etsy shop where you can buy the patterns and where you can get the wool felt and other supplies.

These would make such great gifts too!  One ornament a year, lol! Larissa is also on Instagram.

Have a great week!