Apr 29, 2013

The Weekender Travel Bag

I have seen this bag on various blogs and really liked it!
My daughter will soon be an interior design graduate and needs a large bag to carry her supplies.
This bag would be perfect for her :)

The pattern is a little difficult, but I am sure I can tackle it.
I have a "Weekender Bag" board on Pinterest.
Most of the bags are very bright and colorful.
Vanessa wanted fabric that was more subdued and professional looking.  This is the fabric for the outside of the bag.
It was difficult to get the true colors when we ordered online.
I'm not really sure about the chevron.
I don't think it matches very well but I'm hoping it will look nice together when the bag is sewn together.
Do you think I should try to get a piece that matches better?

This is the fabric and cording for the piping.
Again, the color wasn't true online!

This fabric will be lining, I think it's very rich looking.

These are the rest of the supplies and notions that I will be using when making the bag.  There are two types of interfacing used although I only have one in the photo.  One is very stiff and the other is a soft, woven interfacing.

I would love to have your suggestions concerning the fabric.
I don't think the chevron matches but I would like some validation.
Thanks for following my blog!

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Apr 26, 2013


I loved sewing this tulip row, but it took a long time to finish!  
There were 14 pieces for each tulip, not to mention the sashing.

 I took great care in choosing the colors.
There is only one gray tulip, so I put it in the middle.

The stems are all the same polka dot fabric.
I had great fun using all my greens for the leaves and matching them up with the tulips.

I chose little prints for the tulips because they give the overall look of a solid color, and look great against the white background.

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Apr 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy one year anniversary (April 25) to my son Sean, who is serving a two year mission in the Brazil, Porto Alegre South mission.
He speaks fluent Portuguese now!
I really miss him and am so proud of his service and dedication.

He is serving the people of Brazil and making eternal friendships.
We are really looking forward to Mother's day when we will get to skype with him, see his face and hear his voice!!!

On April 26, my husband and I will celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary.
My husband surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas to see some shows :) 
We saw Cirque du Soleil, the Beatles Love ♥
It was awesome, with so much going on at once, it was a feast for the eyes!!!

We saw the Donny and Marie show, it was incredible!  Donny and Marie have a lot of energy, so many fast wardrobe changes and I had no idea that Marie could sing opera!

A photographer posed us for photos.

We bought all of them!

We saw Elton John at the Colosseum.
I really enjoyed the concert but wished that he had played more of his old songs.

We went to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, Cut. They served us a delicious dessert to celebrate our anniversary :)

We ate at fantastic restaurants, visited Pawn Stars, Rick's Restorations, and walked the streets of Venice and Paris.
We visited the Hoover Dam.
We even found a wonderful quilt shop in Henderson!
Our 33rd Anniversary tons of fun and very memorable :)

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Apr 22, 2013

Bee in My Bonnet Row Along - Baskets

I'm playing catch up......I completed my little row of baskets.
I tried to choose fabric that represented what a basket might hold.
This one might hold some strawberries.....

This basket could be used to pick flowers.

This basket is for picking cherries.

This basket just looks pretty :)

This basket is for apple picking.

Here's another basket to use for picking flowers.

Could this basket be used to hold cotton balls, or bubbles?  Lol!

Here are my seven little baskets all in a row.

I've chosen the fabric for the skinny border and the scalloped border......stay tuned!

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Apr 19, 2013

One Yard Apron

This is one of my favorite apron patterns!

I decided to make one of my own.

I love the jumbo pom poms!

Do you think I'd get any looks if I wore my apron to the grocery store?  I love the different prints of the wide waistband and the tie, matching the different prints on the pocket.

I really like the wide bow tie at the back, very vintage :)
The apron is really easy, quick and fun to make!

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Apr 17, 2013

Riley Blake Mystery block of the month - April

These blocks are easy and I love choosing the colors and prints!
I'm using so much pink, but am going to add a bold, bright color for the sashing and border.




I know that May's block will be incorporating selvages.
I am so excited because I have been saving mine for a few years :)

Apr 15, 2013

Kylie's Blessing Day

Kylie looks like a precious little pioneer baby!

This is Kylie's family :). My son Addison, my daughter in law Mabulane, and her big sister, 2 year old Neo. Aren't they a beautiful family?

My mother is visiting from Montreal, we were all really happy that she was able to be in attendance at our family activity!

My husband flew here just for Kylie's blessing :)

I am pretty happy today!

Look at Kylie's beautiful head of hair, it is so soft!

Kylie is so pretty! She smiles a lot but I wasn't able to capture any smiles!

I love this photo of Kylie, it shows off her big brown eyes.
She looks so cute in her slip with her little chubby baby arms.
She is the most cuddly baby to hold.
I sure will miss all of my precious grandchildren, I live a nine and a half drive away.

We took my mother's photo with all of her great grandchildren, except for Kylie who was sleeping.
Aren't grandchildren grand!!!

Apr 12, 2013

Pine Needles Quilt Shop

I want to show you one of my favorite quilt shops.
Pine Needles has relocated to a new building at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah.

I just love the butter yellow walls with the faux fireplace and pink upholstered chair. Doesn't this look inviting? It's the first thing you see when you walk into the shop.

I love chevron, notice all the chevron in the quilts?
Isn't the hardwood floor gorgeous?

What a cute quote!

Look at the vintage kitchen utensils, overflowing with fat quarters.

The store is so much more spacious, with eye candy everywhere!

Isn't this "modern asterisk" quilt lovely, it's being offered as a class.

This bed quilt is adorable! I bought a piece of every single bolt at the bottom of the bed, Tasha Noel's "Red Riding Hood".

My 5 year old grand daughter Kennedy came with me to the quilt shop, she loves to look at fabric! She is standing in the room where kids are allowed to play. There is a little wooden kitchen with play food, blocks and little wooden dolls to dress.

What sweet little aprons.

I've only shown you a little of the quilt shop, there is so much more!
If you are ever in the area, I would encourage you to visit! It is definitely worth it, there is so much to inspire you at this shop :)