Jan 27, 2020

Another Tooth Fairy Envelope

Another grandchild had a lose tooth!
I knew I had to act fast, because her tooth was really wiggly!
Isabel drew her version of the tooth fairy 
and I got out my lightbox and traced her cute drawing 
onto some white fabric.

I sewed straight stitches for her hair, 
french knots for her bodice and lazy daisies for her skirt.
Then I chose some 1 1/2" scraps that matched the colors 
and framed the embroidery.

I went through my 2 l/2" stack of squares and found this print.
Since I don't use a pattern, the flap didn't fit in the tooth pocket.
I added a circle of velcro to keep it closed.
Word of warning.....I had a pack of little circle velcros 
that had glue on the back.
I knew the glue wasn't strong enough the hold the flap together, 
so I sewed them down on my sewing machine.
The glue ruined my sewing machine needle and part of the shaft.
Be careful about sewing things down that already have glue on them!
Bonus, I found this fairy button in my button bottle.

Isabel's tooth fell out the day after I gave her her tooth fairy pillow.
She's only 4 years old, I think she may be our youngest grandchild to lose a tooth so far!
She has another tooth that is ready to come out too!

Jan 20, 2020

Vintage Block Along, top finished

I added the border to my Vintage Block Along quilt, and it's huge!
It measures 90 l/2" X 108 1/2".
I'm going to get my friend to machine quilt it.
Even though my Bernina 750 QE has a wide throat, it would be very difficult to quilt.
Just getting the back to stretch and remain unwrinkled 
would be a huge feat!
Even with two tall people holding the quilt, 
it sags in the middle, lol!

I copied Lori and chose Granny Chic Embroidery blue 108" wide back for the back of the quilt.
I think this print is so precious, and was looking for an excuse
 to use it.
This clip just shows a shot of the fabric, there are so many cute embroidery motifs on it.

I'm going to bind my quilt with this farm girl vintage bandana.
I think it will look really nice from the back and the front.

This is the border fabric, Farm Girl Vintage Flower Cloud.

I'm so excited to get this quilt finished 
and on the bed in my guest bedroom!
Thanks for following me :)

Jan 13, 2020

Vintage Block Along

This is my Vintage Block Along quilt.
Lori Holt posted a block a week during 2019.
I've posted many of my blocks, but not all of them :)
It's always so much fun doing one of Lori's quilt alongs, 
especially when you don't know what the quilt will look like 
when it's finished.
Each block was named after a memory 
that Lori had of her grandmother.
I didn't always have the same print that Lori used from her Farm Girl Vintage fabric line, so I used a similiar print in the same tone.
I have so much of Lori's fabric, it wasn't difficult to do :)
I'll add the border this week and take a photo to show you.
It's a huge quilt, queen size.
I'm going to put it on my guest bed.

Thanks so much for following me :)

Jan 6, 2020

Farm Girl Chicks Retreat

We had our "Farm Girl Chicks" retreat this weekend at our favorite quilt shop, Quilter's Oasis, in Mesa, Arizona.
Our Mama Hen Nancy, always does a fantastic job making everything fun and handing out swag!
See all the cute little cow gift bags at every seat?
They are full of cute little pigs, 
treats and a bottle of water with a cute label :)

Nancy decorated the treat table so cute and original!
Everything was labeled :)

The "popcorn" corn on the cob was the cutest!!!

Chicken feed, rice krispy squares for Ha hay bales...

Friday night I wasn't able to attend, 
so I shared my spot with Shirley.
She's on the second row on the right, 
with blonde hair and plum colored sweater.
A real chicken attended on Friday night!!!

It looks like he knows what a quilt ruler and rotary cutter are!

Here's Mr. Chicken with my friend Nedra :)

Oh my goodness, Mr. Chicken is kissing Nancy, our Mama Hen!
I guess it's ok, since Mr. Chicken is really Bob, Nancy's husband :)

Saturday morning, I was so excited to go to the retreat!
We had a potluck breakfast and was it ever fabulous!!!
It was a queen's feast!

We celebrated Susan's birthday :)

Shauna taught us how to make zipper project bags with vinyl,
so you can see what's in your bag.
She's a great instructor.
some of the chicks even made two or three!

Peek a boo, there I am!
I'm Cynthia, Cynthia's in the blue tee shirt and there's a Cindy too.

Here we all our, with our vinyl zipper project bags :)

 Brenda and Shauna each finished their cute Lori Holt table runners.

 This is our design board.
I know that Terry is making the quilt with the trees on top of the station wagons and Brenda is making a tractor quilt.

This is Cindy and she is amazing!!!
She is able to complete so many quilts!
She says she's working on a quilt and BAM! it's done.
She has so many finishes, it's mind bogling!
She says she works on a schedule, but still...she's amazing!!!

This is Brenda, she's a farm girl chick in the true sense!
Her husband is a farmer, and Brenda is always sewing tractors :)
Brenda is a beautiful seamstress and does gorgeous, meticulous machine quilting.
She got up at 5:00 am on Saturday morning and cooked breakfast for her married children and grandchildren at 7:00, 
and was at our retreat by 9:00!
This quilt is for Brenda's grandson who will be turning 4 years old.
She made him a quilt with a tractor on it when he was born and she brought it to show us one day.
It was literally thread bare on the whole front!
I've never seen a quilt so worn....little Ole loved that quilt to death!
She made him another really fancy tractor quilt but he didn't like it because it didn't have soft minky on the back.
Who knew?
This quilt will have soft minky on the back, 
it's a prerequisite for Ole's quilts :)

 This is Linda's beautiful Americana quilt.

Last but not least, Carol's quilt.
Carol just joined our group, 
and she had already made this Lori Holt Farm Girl Vintage quilt.
The yellow border really makes the blocks pop!

I didn't show you the quilts that were shared on Friday night, 
there were too many and they were all beautiful!!!
To be in this quilt group, you must love Lori Holt creations :)
We have to be working on Lori's quilts, 
but the quilts we share with the group don't have to be Lori's.
We all laugh and eat and play games a lot, with some sewing, lol!
I'm very grateful to be a member of this awesome group :)