Feb 26, 2018

The Cute Book

I looked after my four oldest grandchildren for about 8 days, while their parents went to Spain with some friends :)
I cherished the time I was able to spend with them!
This is Kennedy, she's 10 years old, in 5th grade.
I was able to go to school and see her at her science fair, and go to her Valentine's party too!

This is Charlotte, she's 7 and is in the 2nd grade.
I went to Charlotte's Valentine party at school also :)

This is Bridger, he's 12 and in the 7th grade at middle school.
I went to parent/teacher conference with him.
His teachers sang high praises of him the whole time!

Why are these kids concentrating so hard?
The "Cute" book!!!

They loved the Cute book!
I taught them all my magic way of knotting a thread.
Bridger made the "kidnapper".  His job is to steal kids.
(That's what it says in the book, lol!)

Bridger made the Kidnapper, Lorenzo the lizard, and the Sprite.
He did all the sewing himself, I just did the embroidered faces :)
He takes a sewing class at school.

Kennedy made a bear and a bunny.
She kept disappearing, because she couldn't keep away from the little magnetic paper doll set that I brought!
She loves paper dolls more than anything!!!

Charlotte made 5 little cuties!

Pinkie, bird and bunny.
She did a lot of stitching herself :)

She stitched the monkey entirely by herself, I think she did a great job!!!

Charlotte couldn't stop laughing, because the instructions said to glue the panda's tail to it's "butt", lol.

Lucy made the bear and the liar.
Well, maybe I made them :)

This photo shows how small the little animals are.

The children has a wonderful time choosing the colors of felt for each little animal.

Lucy is 4, and she loved these little animals.

She wanted to make the liar, the kidnapper and the bad guy!
The Kidnapper was really hard to make, so she had to settle for the bear :)

Lucy is getting into character :)

Part of the fun was decorating altoid tins for their little homes, and sewing a pillow to put under their heads.

A fun time was had by all, our dining room table was a mess for a few days.
Making these animals was so much fun and helped the children keep their minds from missing their parents.
Their next project might be a bag or a mini quilt :)

Feb 19, 2018

Bubblegum Kisses quilt

I subscribe to the Sew Sampler box from Fat Quarter Shop.
It's such an adventure every month, opening the box!
I love the fabric, and surprise notions, it's like Christmas!
I love Lori Holt and everything she does!!!
Naturally, I was dying to make this little quilt, Bubblegum Kisses.

This Cute Cuts designed by Lori, was included in the box.

It took quite a while to cut all the little pieces, especially the background!

It's pretty easy to square trim these blocks, especially if you have a rotating mat.

I love Lori's Bee Basics line, it's one of my all time favorites.

One of my favorite parts about arranging the blocks on a quilt, are the colors!
I thought about arranging the colors in an hombre style, but realized that I didn't have enough blocks to create the look.
I just enjoyed arranging the blocks in a way that was pleasing to my eye.

I machine quilted in a circular motif, a little off center.
I sewed the binding on, but haven't hand stitched it to the back yet.
Whoops, I captured my toes in the photo, and my nail polish is the same color as the binding, lol!!!

This circular pattern is very easy to do!
I just use my walking foot as a guide.

I'll show you the finished little table topper when I have it all hand stitched.  

Feb 12, 2018

Sassy Squares quilt

About 8 years ago, I went through a difficult time.
My husband took a job in Florida, and that meant we would leave  3 married kids and 2 grandchildren, in Utah.
My youngest son and I stayed in Utah until he finished his first semester as a freshman at high school.
My son was going through growing pains at the time, and wasn't very good company to be with...
I would often go to my favorite quilt shop in West Jordan, called Pine Needles, and escape in the beauty of the shop and all their beautiful fabric.
I saw this quilt and it touched my heart!
The teddy bears, cherries, mushrooms, bees and more.

If I had just seen the pattern, I wouldn't have looked twice.
It was paired with an adorable fat quarter stack of Lecien fabrics, stacked and tied with a bow.

I'm just a sucker for these little prints!
It was the first time I had ever seen Lecien fabric, and I fell in love!

It was fun arranging all the squares until I got the perfect setting.

The top is finished, but not quilted.
I need to find a back for this quilt which may be tricky, because I'm on a self imposed fabric fast for the year.
I'm thinking of piecing some cute little Lecien prints that I have.

My fabric fast isn't a pure one though...
When I make a quilt and don't have a back that's perfect, or a border, I might just make a little purchase.
What's the point of making beautiful quilts if you only have fabrics that clash in your stash :)
That's my story and I'm sticking to it, lol!

Feb 5, 2018

Quilty Fun Birthday Cake #20

Hi Everyone!
This is approximately my 20th Quilty Fun Birthday Cake banner.
My grand daughter Taylor will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks.
I bought some Farmer's Daughter fabric by Lella Boutique, to make Taylor's older sister a dress for her birthday.
You can see it here.
I also wrote a tutorial for my cake banners, you can see it here.

Here's my cake, I love the soft colors :)

You can see the simple machine blanket stitch that I use.

The banner really comes to life when you add a border :)

Now it's machine quilting time!

I was thankful that I had enough green gingham (which I didn't use in Reagan's dress) for the binding.

I love pebble quilting!
I used a jigsaw or stiple pattern around the border.
I stitched in the ditch around the whole cake, platter and bow and didn't touch the letters.

Finished, and ready to gift!

The back of the banner screams "birthday party!!!"
I've never made a quilty fun birthday cake banner from a line of fabric before!
I really like the colors, they match Taylor's coloring.

Here she is, the soon to be birthday girl :)
Don't you think her coloring matches the cake banner? lol