Feb 18, 2019

Needle Book

I made this little needlebook for a sweet friend of mine.
The pattern is by Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company.
Amy designs for Art Gallery fabric and she made this tutorial in October 2011.

My friend is a modern quilter, so I tried to make this book as modern as I could, 
even though I added vintage buttons and rick rack.

Here's the inside, the theme is green :)

The little patchwork squares are 1" finished, all Denyse Schmidt fabrics except for the teal one.

I hand quilted the back and the spine of the book, 
giving it more of a "zakka" look.

You can see the other needle books I've made
here, here, here, here, and here.
The tutorial can be found on my Pinterest board here
Thanks for following me and I hope you are inspired to make a needlebook :)

Feb 4, 2019

Farm Girl Chicks

I moved from northern California, to Arizona last June.
I met Nedra in Gilbert, and we have been fast friends since!
We took a day trip to Payson Arizona, 
and went to the Copper Needle.  
It's a fabulous quilt shop where we met Gina, the owner.
Nedra invited me to a quilting group called "Farm Girl Chicks", 
at Quilters Oasis in Mesa.
The rule is, you can only be working on a Lori Holt project.
Oh boy, is it ever a fun group, and right up my alley!
I love Lori Holt :)
There's laughing and sharing, more laughing and laughing again!
Ooohs and awwws at everybody's beautiful creations.

Last week, Becky Parzy came to our group 
and showed us some of her beautiful quilts!
Here is Becky's version of Lori Holt's "Quilty Fun" quilt.

Becky said that she thinks it's much more interesting if you piece the back.
She always makes beautiful labels too :)

 Here is Becky's version of her Penny Pig quilt, 
from Lori Holt's "Farm Girl Vintage" book.
She used the Farmhouse Lane setting found on Page 128, and substituted Penny Pigs for the Farmhouses.
You can see Lori's quilt here.

Here's the back of Becky's Penny Pig quilt, really cute!

 Here's Becky's Farm Girl Vintage quilt, so beautiful!
Becky said that she chose the border fabric and used the color scheme from the fabric to choose color choices for the blocks.

Such gorgeous machine quilting!!!
Notice the little printed borders that Becky added?
Very original :)
Lori always says that she loves it when someone makes one of her quilts "their own".

Becky had a couple of extra blocks which she added to the back.

Here's Becky's version of Lori's "Spelling Bee" quilt.

 I took closeups so you could see the individual blocks.

 The back of her Spelling Bee quilt.

The label :)

 I'm not sure what this quilt is called, but it's lovely!

 Becky has also made some really beautiful Tilda dolls.

 Becky and her friend designed this sweet heart conversations quilt.

 ...and this pillow to match.

Nancy (in red) is the awesome and incredible and darling 
host of our Farm Girl Chicks group.
She is also the heart and fun of the group too!
Nancy grew up with Ellen (white and blue), they have been best friends since childhood.
Ellen is good friends with Becky, that's how we were able to have Becky come to our group and do the trunk show.
They are all the sweetest ladies!!!
To add to the enjoyment, we had a baked potato bar for lunch with every single topping you can imagine!
This group is the highlight of my month!

I hope you enjoyed all the trunk show :)