Jul 25, 2022

Pineberry quilt along, week two

Six little Pineberries all in a row...

I've been seeing so many cute Pineberry quilts on social media, I love all the different backgrounds people are choosing.  

This quilt is by Lindsey at Pen and Paper Patterns.  She has so many darling quilt patterns, I want to make them all! 

Jul 18, 2022

The Pineberry quilt along


I just love all of Lindsey's quilt patterns from Pen and Paper Patterns.

Her designs are modern and simplistic.

I'm joining the Pineberry quilt along.  I'm using the same background as is shown in the photo below.  I think it's called Kona Desert Sand.

I went shopping at a couple of local quilt shops to find these fat quarters.  I'm so excited to make this quilt, I just hope that I can keep up with the schedule.  That's part of the fun of a quilt along, is being at the same speed as everyone else.

All of the pieces are cut out and labeled. I use the alpha bitties (I have about 7 sets) from Fat Quarter Shop, and Clover clips.

I'm so excited and will show you my progress.  I have about 5 quilts going right now.  It's much more exciting than working on just one quilt at a time :)  

Have a great week!

Jul 11, 2022

The Holland Pouch

I made three more bags, the Holland Pouch by Center Street Quilts. 

I posted about the first two I made recently here. 

Such easy bags to make and I think they're so pretty.  Choosing the fabric satisfies my creative outlet :)

Jul 4, 2022

Lined Drawstring Bags

 Welcome to another week :) I've been really busy making some bags.  My favorite part is choosing the fabric.  I taught my daughter and her family (one by one) how to make this lined drawstring bag using the tutorial which you can find here.  We made a trip tot quilt shop where everyone chose 3 fat quarters for their bags, that was a lot of fun!

My son in law Jeremy told me a few weeks ago that he would love to make a whole bunch of bags because he finds them so useful!  I was wondering what I should get him for his birthday, when that conversation came back to mind. I made him a whole collection!😊

I began with the largest bag, the "laundry" bag.  I don't really know what Jeremy will use this bag for but I'm sure he'll find a use. I love the fabric, it's canvas so very practical for the large size.  Sweetwater fabrics had everyone send them their hometown which they printed on the fabric.  I can see so many cities I've visited or lived in.

Next is the "project" bag.  I've made this size once, for my grand daughter.  I included about four dolls and they fit perfectly in the bag!  I found some Def Leppard fabric and my son in law likes rock music so hopefully he'll get a kick out of it.

Next is the artist bag.  I've made this one a few times. It fits an 8"X11" book and a doll.  Who doesn't love John Wayne?  Especially the movie "The Man from Utah", which is where Jeremy is from and currently resides.

This photo shows you the scale of the three largest bags.

My favorite bag which has the free tutorial, the "everything" bag.  I made so many of them and each time is just as exciting as before.  I love seeing the different color combinations, that never gets old.  This one has Monopoly money, how fun!  Jeremy loves board games too, so I had to use this fabric.

BYU, Brigham Young University, Jeremy's alma mater. GO Cougars!

Baby Yoda, I know Jeremy likes Star Wars.

How to iron a button down collared shirt in 12 steps.  I love this fabric!  Years ago, when our youngest son was 13 and earning his Eagle Scout award, his grandfather was visiting for the occasion.  His grandfather was retired military and asked Sean if he knew how to press a shirt.  Sean said yes and his grandfather told him that there needed to be press lines on the sleeves. Sean came downstairs with a perfectly pressed shirt, with seams along the sleeves.  A few days later when I was putting the ironing board away, I saw an internet print out of instructions on how to iron a shirt.  Sean had gone to the internet to make sure he pressed his shirt correctly!  😂😂😂 So cute!!!

Next is the "snack" size.  I really like this one too.  It's just a little bit smaller than the "everything" bag.  

Here's the size comparison.

Lastly, is the "tiny" bag.  I strongly dislike making these bags! I've made almost 300 of them.  One year I made one for every young woman at church who was turning 12.  There were a few treats inside. It was a really cute gift but so meticulous to make!!!

Here's the size comparison between the largest bag and the smallest bag.

I highly recommend making some of the bags.  Take if from me, they're pretty addicting :)