Aug 31, 2020

Awesome Ocean, Tony the Turtle

 This week, I finished all of my sea turtles.  All eight of them are named Tony!  I thought it would take forever, with his patchwork shell but I finished each one in about 30 minutes.  That doesn't include cutting though.

Again, I love choosing the colors and the prints :)

I still haven't gotten around to building a design wall, so I haven't laid all my sea creatures out in the order that they go in the quilt.

I only have two more fish to sew (eight of each color scheme), and then I'll start putting my little animal blocks together.  

I'm working on a secret project for the Fat Quarter Shop which I will post about next week.  It's a free pattern that they will be offering, so stay tuned!

Aug 24, 2020

Christmas Swoon

I really love this quilt pattern, this is the second one I made.

The directions are very easy to follow. 

These Swoon blocks in Christmas fabric, 

were finished two and a half years ago.

Yes, two and a half years ago!!!

I wrote about them here.

The sashing was cut and the blocks were sewn, what was the hold up?

I thought I would like the quilt larger, 4 blocks across and 4 blocks down, that meant 7 more blocks?

No wonder I never finished it!

When Covid hit and we were quarantined, 

I found my quilt ready to go. 

To simplify, I decided to sew it all together, 

scratching the original idea of a bigger quilt.

Since the quilt was so large and there was so much white space,

 I had a friend machine quilt it.

( I didn't trust myself!)

I used my larger cuts of Christmas fabric for the back.

I love the pieced look and I'm using up my stash!

I'm saving all the quilts I've made this year.

They're all sitting in a neat little stack in my linen closet.

When I have fourteen of them, I'm going to let all of my grandchildren choose one, beginning from the oldest.

I don't know how they will ever choose, 

I know that I would have a difficult time :)

Aug 17, 2020

Awesome Ocean progress, Salty Seahorse

I'm making progress on my Awesome Ocean quilt!
I just love these cute little seahorses, 
and it's so much fun choosing the fabric for them!
The Seahorse fabric on the seahorse!!!

I love these little pastel ones too.
I'm trying to get the colors to be hombre 
in each of the eight color schemes.
I hope the colors flow like I envision in my head.

I also made all 8 of the Kelp blocks,
but they aren't as fun as the seahorses!
Stay tuned for more...

Aug 10, 2020

Awesome Ocean progress

I'm back to making sea creatures for my "Awesome Ocean" quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.  I just love her animal quilts! Elizabeth always names her animal patterns too.

Below is Octavian Octopus.

I had a fat eighth bundle of "Reef" by Elizabeth Hartman, from a Sew Sampler box.  I looked on Etsy for some more fat quarters, but there was hardly anything left.  I had another fat eighth bundle of "Blueberry Park" by Karen Lewis, also from a Sew Sampler box.  Then I just went through my stash and looked for colors that ranged in the tones that I thought blended well with everything.

The purple octopus reminds me of Ursula, the wicked queen from the Disney movie, "The Little Mermaid".  The Rick Rack octopus is pretty cool too!
These are my Kelp blocks.  I hope that these colors and those of the all the fish give an hombre effect in my quilt.  That's what I'm going for :)

Next, I'm going to make "Salty Seahorse".  I'm pretty excited about him, it will be fun choosing the colors and prints.

Thanks for following :)

Aug 3, 2020

Name Banner

One of my grand daughters really wanted a banner with her name on it, to hang in her room. 
She told me that her favorite colors are purple, blue, pink and green.
I love choosing fabrics for a project.
I made sure it was really colorful 
and added "bee kind" to make it different.
Thanks to Lori Holt's "Spelling Bee" book for the patterns.