Nov 21, 2014

Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas

My friend Lori Holt from bee in my bonnet, is doing a quilt along.
It's not on her blog though, it's on Instagram.
Her name is beelori1 and it is so much fun trying to keep up with her and seeing all the blocks everyone else makes.
Lori told us that the blocks would be from her book Quilty Fun, and to pull some quilty Christmas fabrics for the QAL.

Our first block was a little cottage, a lot of people made gingerbread houses.

Then we made a cocoa mug.

Lori surprised us by adding a block that wasn't in her book, a cute little Christmas tree.

Here are all of my blocks, including some pretty fabrics that I love.

I made some white fluffy Santa mitts.
I'm being a little daring, choosing such bright colors for the background.  
We have no idea what order the blocks will be sewn, or what the finished size will be :)

Lori gave us a little gingerbread man who wasn't in the book!
He should have 3 little buttons down his front but I haven't sewn them on yet.

Here's what I have so far, I think the colors go together pretty well.

5 Christmas lights, they were fall leaves in the book :)

We added a candy cane stick to stir our hot chocolate.

Block 7 is a Christmas candle to put in our window.
Block 8 is a Christmas star, to represent the star of Bethlehem and the birth of our Savior and Redeemer.
Block 9 is a cute vintagey ornament which isn't in the book either.

I was referring to Lori's profile so many times to see what the measurements were for each block.
I decided to keep a journal of all the blocks and the cutting directions.
I will probably want to make another quilty Christmas quilt and would like to have the directions in one place.
I recorded everything in my "Happy Day" journal.
Block 10 is a sewing basket that represents all the giving that we do at Christmas.

Lori told us the order to sew these blocks together.
I think the color blocking works, thank goodness!
I forgot to take a photo of Block 11, a Christmas present, in the lower left corner.

Block 12 is spools of thread or ribbon.

Here are all the blocks I've made for this little QAL.
I made a new star, because I didn't think the colors in the previous one matched the rest of the colors in my quilt.
I have no idea how many more blocks there are, but I hope you join, it is like being with your best friends in your own sewing room :)
If you join, follow me, my name is Dream Quilt Create.

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  1. Beautiful array of blocks. I especially love the background you used for your House Block. We are a few hours north of Buffalo and have had our share of closed roads and 'snow days'. But so thankful, everyone has stayed safe so far.
    I hope to start on my blocks today - yours are just so lovely!

  2. Your quilt looks awesome! Love the bright colors.

  3. I love your blocks!!!!! I struggled with the background variety was small...but did not think to do colored...I love it! Doing another!!!