Nov 17, 2014

Creative Hallowe'en Food

My son in law Jeremy comes from a great family.
His mom, Shauna has many fun traditions.
One of them is having her children and their families trick or treat at their home the eve before Hallowe'en, bewitching night!  
When I am in town, she always includes me in the family festivities, which I really appreciate!
Shauna is so creative and always makes things beautiful for her guests.
Here are little glass pint bottles of apple juice with polka dot and chevron striped paper straws and a black ribbon tied to look like a bat, notice the scalloped edge of the ribbon wings and the cute little white eyes :)

Next up, are "mummy" dogs.
We all love these, especially the children!!!!

Not only did we have mummy dogs, but chili as well, yummy!
Look at the beautiful wicker basket full of fall leaves and the gorgeous wicker chargers to match :)
Even the paper products match the decor perfectly, you can tell that Shauna chose them with great care.
Cute little lime napkins that add a pop of bright color!

For dessert, we had adorable little ghosts floating on orange jello mixed with whipped cream.
Read on for more cuteness!!!

Everyone got a little basket to go "trick or treating" for these darling little skeletons.
Shauna made delicious chocolate gooey brownies and topped them with pretzels dipped in white chocolate and topped with a marshmallow head.
She drew the face on with an edible marker.
The marker's not edible, but the ink is!
She wrapped them up in cellophane and tied them with an orange tulle bow.

Next up are creepy but yummy spiders :)

White chocolate bark with crushed Hallowe'en oreos and Hallowe'en sprinkles.  
Who could resist these in their cute packaging?
The bark was fabulous!

Witches hats, with chocolate kisses and caramel :)

Last but not least, were delectable ghost and cat and pumpkin shaped donuts from a luxurious gourmet donut shop.

These guys went gaga over all the deliciousness of the evening!!!

Thank you so much Shauna and Alan, for a memorable evening :)

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  1. What a fun tradition! Everything looked great. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. OMG - what fun and so creative! Love it - thank you for sharing!