Nov 7, 2014

Modern Instabee - October

It's my month in our Modern Instabee quilting bee!
I chose the Stacked Windmill block.
I wanted the center block to be pink, the others to be yellow and gray and I wanted the background to be in a black and white text print.
I didn't want to be too specific, because I wanted to enjoy each member's freedom of creativity.
Two women have dropped out of the bee, so I made 2 blocks myself.

I received Kate's block (Nashville, Tennessee) and am so excited!
Isn't it pretty?

She also made me a signature block to sew onto the back of the quilt along with the others.

This is Jansen's block (Fairfax, Virginia), I love the cute little bumblebee in the center, which made me realize that I posted this photo upside down, oops!
I can see the word "Sew" in the text print :)

Ellen (Tampa, Florida) sent me this cute block :)
One of my daughters just moved to Tampa!

Don't they look great together?
Mine are the top 2, and the bottom 3 are from my "hive" friends :)

I'll show you the rest of the blocks as I receive them :)


  1. I love seeing everyone's ideas in each block! I love seeing how the pink and yellow pop out of the grey in each block!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful. I am also in the ModernInstabee. I'm in Hive 4 and Hive 17. Anyway your quilt is going to be beautiful.