Apr 27, 2015

Heirloom Sewing

This is my Sally Stanley pleater, and my husband made the board for me years ago.  
Through the years, the little dowels that hold the spools of quilting thread have broken off but it still works :)
(There's a Netflix movie on my iPad, sorry didn't mean to include it!)

The grooves are where the needles go, they curve around the dowel.

I rolled the fabric on a rod and slowly turn it through the pleater, aligning the fabric with a certain groove to keep it straight.

The quilting threads act as guidelines for me to smock on.

I'm smocking a bonnet for my granddaughter Isabel's blessing.
The thread is silk ribbon.
The fabric is silk batiste and it's very difficult to work with.
I'm using Madeira thread on my Bernina 750 QE and it keeps breaking, which is very frustrating.
It seems to break the most when I'm using a gathering stitch.

This is entredeux, it's French for "between two".  
Entredeux is used in heirloom sewing to join laces or join seams.
Sometimes you leave the seam allowance on while you sew it to fabric, but if you're sewing it to gathered lace, you trim one side of the entredeux off.

Here, I have trimmed the seam allowance of the entredeux and am attaching gathered French cotton lace.

French cotton lace is wonderful to work with!
To gather the lace, you pull one of the cotton threads running along the top, as pictured below.

This is one of my heirloom books, I think it's from the late 80's, or early 1990's.
I really can't imagine dressing a little boy up in that outfit trimmed in lace, but it's a Southern thing.

This is the yoke and neckline of Isabel's dress.
Each piece of lace and entredeux is attached separately, on the yoke.
The lace with the embroidered flowers is called Swiss cotton.
I finished the neckline and attached the gathered lace with entredeux.

The shoulder seams are attached with entredeux also.

I don't have little Isabel to try the dress on and show you how the dress drapes, so I used Kermit :)

Here's a closeup, I think you can see the lace so much better here.

I used a band of embroidered swiss cotton on the sleeve, with entredeux on each side.
There will be a small "fancy band"on the lower part of the dress, and then a gathered ruffle trimmed in wider French cotton on the hem.
Isabel's blessing is next Sunday, I hope to be able to show you photos of her finished gown, slip and bonnet, next week.
I'll also have lots of photos of Isabel in her silk gown to show you too :)
Have a great week!

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Apr 20, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Fever!

Have you heard of "Farm Girl Vintage"?
Well, I have the fever!  The Farm Girl Vintage fever!
If you are on Instagram, I'm sure you have caught the fever :)

The Farm Girl Vintage sew along begins on Friday, May 1.
I will be traveling that day, so I did some sewing of my own!
I've only shared one block (the 6" strawberry) on Instagram so far.
I'm hoping I can share them when the sew along begins and it will feel like I'm sewing along on that day too!!!
I forgot to mention that you can find the 
Farm Girl Vintage sew along  on Lori's blog here.

This is my Scrappy Strawberry block, a teeny little 6" one.
All the rest of the blocks are 12".

This is the Postage Stamp block.

I turned the Postage Stamp block into a Farm Girl Star!

This is the Milking Day Block.

The Milking Day block reminds me of my daughter Rebecca.
She owns 1/14th of a cow named Patience, and milks her once a week.
You can see the post I wrote about milking Patience  here...
Patience just birthed a bull calf.
 Here are my grandchildren, Maisie and Benjamin with him.

This is my Scrappy Strawberry block.
I really like using low volume backgrounds to mix things up a little,  and add more interest.

This is my Canning Season block.

This is my Baking Day block.
The spoon is backwards as compared to the pattern, but I made it my own :)
I love Jadeite bowls, and my daughter gave me a blue one which I love!
I put the red trim on the blue Jadeite bowl simply because I love the color red.

Cherries are my favorite fruit, I can eat them all day long...
This is the Pie Cherries block.
All of the blocks have such cute vintage farm names!

There are so many ideas for quilts to make in the book, and ideas of quilts to create :)
I've made so many Haystack blocks completed, when I sew using Leaders and Enders, that I'm thinking of making this quilt first.

It's kind of hard to see the whole quilt, but there are 4 Haystack blocks sewn together to make a 12" one.
There are 12 - 12" farm girl blocks sewn on the quilt too, tied up with block posts and sashing.  I only have to make a few more 12" blocks and then I can begin assembling my quilt!
I hope you buy the book and join the sew along, it will be loads of fun!
post signatureI'll see you in another week, yeehaw!!!

Apr 13, 2015

Quilty Fun Birthday - Paisley

Lori Holt designed the cutest Quilty Fun Birthday Cake banner.
You can get the link to the FREE pattern and more information on my recent post, here.
I decided to make a "quilty fun" birthday cake for each of my 11 grandchildren (wow, I can't believe I'm that blessed!) this year.
I'm going to make each cake into a personalized banner, and each year their moms can hang them on the wall to make their birthdays a little more special :)
Paisley Louise will have her first birthday in May.
I made her a red velvet cake, because I know it's her dad's favorite flavor.
I made sure that the cake pedestal had a paisley pattern too!

To personalize the cake and turn it into a banner, I added a 4 l/2" strip to the bottom of the cake.
I used wonder under and cut out the letters 3" high.
I ironed them on and used a blanket stitch on my sewing machine.
I found some fabric that reminded me of sprinkles, and cut 2 l/2" strips for the borders.  
I machine quilted it and voila, a pretty banner for Paisley :)

This is Paisley Louise in the Easter dress her mom made for her.
Isn't she as cute as can be?
One is a magical age :)

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Apr 6, 2015

Snapshots QAL - kettle

This is block #3, Put the kettle on!
Bonnie from Cotton Way, chose this block to represent your favorite drink.
One of my favorites is Kombucha, have you ever tried it?
The Synergy brand in Gingerade and Gingerberry are my favorite flavors :)
Here's my kettle!
I am using all of Bonnie and Camille's fabrics for this quilt, but not much Daysail.
I had such a large collection of their fabric that I decided to use it instead of buying more :)
I'll just buy more of other lines, Ha ha!!!

These are the 3 blocks I've made so far...
Yes, I'm sticking to the red and aqua theme, one of my many favorite color combos!

The Snapshots QAL is a fundraiser to raise money for St. Jude's hospital.
A $5 donation is suggested, and the money goes to an incredible cause, helping sick children!
All of the information is on my Snapshots QAL board on Pinterest.
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