Apr 20, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Fever!

Have you heard of "Farm Girl Vintage"?
Well, I have the fever!  The Farm Girl Vintage fever!
If you are on Instagram, I'm sure you have caught the fever :)

The Farm Girl Vintage sew along begins on Friday, May 1.
I will be traveling that day, so I did some sewing of my own!
I've only shared one block (the 6" strawberry) on Instagram so far.
I'm hoping I can share them when the sew along begins and it will feel like I'm sewing along on that day too!!!
I forgot to mention that you can find the 
Farm Girl Vintage sew along  on Lori's blog here.

This is my Scrappy Strawberry block, a teeny little 6" one.
All the rest of the blocks are 12".

This is the Postage Stamp block.

I turned the Postage Stamp block into a Farm Girl Star!

This is the Milking Day Block.

The Milking Day block reminds me of my daughter Rebecca.
She owns 1/14th of a cow named Patience, and milks her once a week.
You can see the post I wrote about milking Patience  here...
Patience just birthed a bull calf.
 Here are my grandchildren, Maisie and Benjamin with him.

This is my Scrappy Strawberry block.
I really like using low volume backgrounds to mix things up a little,  and add more interest.

This is my Canning Season block.

This is my Baking Day block.
The spoon is backwards as compared to the pattern, but I made it my own :)
I love Jadeite bowls, and my daughter gave me a blue one which I love!
I put the red trim on the blue Jadeite bowl simply because I love the color red.

Cherries are my favorite fruit, I can eat them all day long...
This is the Pie Cherries block.
All of the blocks have such cute vintage farm names!

There are so many ideas for quilts to make in the book, and ideas of quilts to create :)
I've made so many Haystack blocks completed, when I sew using Leaders and Enders, that I'm thinking of making this quilt first.

It's kind of hard to see the whole quilt, but there are 4 Haystack blocks sewn together to make a 12" one.
There are 12 - 12" farm girl blocks sewn on the quilt too, tied up with block posts and sashing.  I only have to make a few more 12" blocks and then I can begin assembling my quilt!
I hope you buy the book and join the sew along, it will be loads of fun!
post signatureI'll see you in another week, yeehaw!!!


  1. Your Farm Girl Vintage blocks are fantastic. You will have a lovely quilt when you're finished.

  2. Wow, I can't believe how many blocks you've made so far! I love that Haystack quilt too, and I like how it's big enough for bed. You'll be finished before the quilt along starts! I'm still not sure which version to make! (It's either the Haystack or the sampler from the cover or the farmhouse quilt.)