Apr 13, 2015

Quilty Fun Birthday - Paisley

Lori Holt designed the cutest Quilty Fun Birthday Cake banner.
You can get the link to the FREE pattern and more information on my recent post, here.
I decided to make a "quilty fun" birthday cake for each of my 11 grandchildren (wow, I can't believe I'm that blessed!) this year.
I'm going to make each cake into a personalized banner, and each year their moms can hang them on the wall to make their birthdays a little more special :)
Paisley Louise will have her first birthday in May.
I made her a red velvet cake, because I know it's her dad's favorite flavor.
I made sure that the cake pedestal had a paisley pattern too!

To personalize the cake and turn it into a banner, I added a 4 l/2" strip to the bottom of the cake.
I used wonder under and cut out the letters 3" high.
I ironed them on and used a blanket stitch on my sewing machine.
I found some fabric that reminded me of sprinkles, and cut 2 l/2" strips for the borders.  
I machine quilted it and voila, a pretty banner for Paisley :)

This is Paisley Louise in the Easter dress her mom made for her.
Isn't she as cute as can be?
One is a magical age :)

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  1. I love your 'red velvet' cake. Love the added blue in it and the pretty 'Paisley' Name. She looks like a cute bundle of joy.
    Wonderful Banner idea for your grandchildren!