Jun 3, 2013

Sewing Kit Tutorial

I really love this sewing kit, I've made it twice before.
The first one I made for my son to take with him to Brazil, here it is.
The second one I made for a giveaway, you can see it here.
The original tutorial was done by Lots of Pink and you can see it on my Pinterest board of Random Tutorials :)
I made this sewing kit for Maggie, who is also going to Brazil.
I love Maggie, she's wonderful and I wanted to make something for her to take, a little piece of me :)

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial today.
The exact measurements can be found on the link to the second sewing kit I made as a giveaway, or the link to "lots of pink".
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  1. I am the lucky recipient of your cute little sewing kit. I love mine. Thanks for the tutorial!