May 31, 2013

The Quilty Barn Along #6

I'm getting the hang of making Lori's barns :)
I really like the bright colors in this block.
It's really called "sunny sunflower", but I think I'll call mine "starburst".

Both of my parents are from Prince Edward Island.
Some of my great uncles were dairy farmers and I remember how beautiful their barns were....bright red with white trim and round pole picket fences painted white with a red ring around the top.
I googled barns in Prince Edward Island and found this one.
It is located in Kings County, where a lot of my relatives are from.

I think mine is pretty close in color.
Do you notice anything wrong with this block?
I didn't at first because I was talking on the phone while I was sewing it!!!
I hung it up on the wall, sat down and then saw my mistake.....Lol

Voila, thank goodness for seam rippers :)

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  1. That seam ripper can be our best friend. another great barn quilt block, Cynthia