Jul 27, 2020

Sunday Picnic

I have made so many of these panels by Stacey Hsu.
The moment I saw "Sunday Picnic", 
I knew I had to make it for Lucy for her seventh birthday!
She loves animals and insects and is always wanting to tame wild horses that she saw in Arizona, 
or bison that she saw in Wyoming.
She thinks if she can just pat them, they will fall in love with her :)
Anyway, I think these little Mr. & Mrs. frogs are so cute!

They came on a panel with a quilt, a picnic basket, plates, napkins
and lots of food.
I began cutting them out, sewing and stuffing months ago.

I think the sandwich is cute too.
Bread, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and bologna.
Who knew that frogs loved bologna???

The plates are adorable, they look like real china,
and on the back it says "enjoy your lunch".

Mr. & Mrs. Frog have so much fun and delicious food.
A carton of milk, a sandwich, a drumstick, 
watermelon and strawberries.
They are going to be stuffed!

       I bought the panel on Etsy if you're interested in buying one.
It was a lot of work, but well worth it.
Who could resist Mr. Frog's overall shorts and bow tie.
I know that Mrs. Frog can't!
I assume they're married, maybe they're dating, lol!

Thanks for following along!

Jul 13, 2020

Bee Patriotic Quilt Finished!

I machine quilted and hand sewed the binding on my
Bee Patriotic quilt!
I'm adding it to the stack of quilts for my grandchildren.
I think this is number 5, and I need 14!!!
That doesn't include the ten quilts I have hanging in my closet,
waiting to be machine quilted, lol.

I really love the back, with my cute little cottage label.

I used one of Lori Holt's 108" wideback fabrics, Vintage Bee.
It was so nice, not having to sew a seam down the center of the back.

I used Aurifil white thread 50 wt, to machine quilt.

The quilting really shows up on the red!

I used an old fabric called "Little Apples" by Aneela Hoey.
for the binding.
She is one of my favorite designers, but I don't think 
she designs fabric anymore.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my finished quilt,
thank you for following :)

Jul 6, 2020

Bee Patriotic sew along, and more

I finished the top for my Bee Patriotic quilt!
I used a red border instead of a navy one, 
but red is one of my favorite colors for quilts :)
Also, I didn't have enough navy fabric in my stash.

I LOVE the red!

July 4th was a few days ago and I really wanted to make
 the cute table runner that Lori had on her blog.
Here are all my little red pieces of fabric that I cut.

Voila, here is the table runner on my dining room table.
I was thrilled that I had enough blues to make the stars.

I also made the little flag!
Our daughter and her family are coming in a week,
and we are going to celebrate 
my grandson earning his Eagle Scout award.
These flags will really come in handy!
That was part of my incentive for making the flags :)

I made the house block which I'm going to use 
as a label on the back of my quilt.
Notice my name in the window?

I have been watching Kimberly's videos on You Tube
from the Fat Quarter Shop.
She's mentioned quite a few times that she joined the "Tagged" club and receives personalized labels every month from Sweetwater.
I signed up and received two labels in the mail.
I am so glad I did, because I love them!

I hope to machine quilt my Bee Patriotic quilt this week,
I'll make sure to take lots of photos to show you :)
Thanks for following!