Jan 30, 2017

Fancy Forest quilt

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I just love Elizabeth Hartman's quilt patterns!
I made this Fancy Forest pattern in a blue baby quilt size, you can see it here.

I made my grand daughter Taylor, a Hazel Hedgehog quilt when she was born, but she's out grown it.
You can see it here.
I had the idea to make her another quilt for her first birthday.
I like the Fancy Forest quilt so much, that I thought I would do it in pinks and yellows and oranges.
I just didn't think the yellow belonged, I was going for an hombre style, so I divided the pinks and oranges into 5 color groups.

These are the Thistle blocks.

These are the Frances Firefly blocks.

These are the Fancy Fox blocks.
Hey, that rhymes!

These are the Bunny blocks.

These are the Hazel Hedgehog blocks.

 These are the Allie Owl blocks.

 Here is the finished quilt top, I really love it!
I'm going to back it in a soft minky, and machine quilt it in a woodgrain like I did my blue Fancy Forest quilt.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my blocks, I hope to have the quilt machine quilted this week :)

Jan 23, 2017

Lined Travel Bag and Christmas pillowcases

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I've started making my grandchildren little travel sized (12" X16") 
pillowcases that fit pillows I buy at Joann's, when they come to visit us.
These are the ones I made this year, since they were here for Christmas :)

It was fun choosing the fabric, this one is Charlotte's.
I also bought them the softest little throw blankets I could find!

This one is Bridger's, sort of manly with the bearded gnomes :)

This one is for Kennedy, because she's like me and she likes vintage :)

Last but not least, is Lucy.
I gave her a traditional Santa :)

I bought this lined travel bag from In Color Order.
I made the project bag size, and want to make some more, they're great!

I made this bag to hold Coral, Queen of the Sea.
My little Charlotte loves pandas, so this fabric was perfect!

Thanks for visiting, have a great week!

Jan 16, 2017

Doll Clothes

I have 10 grand daughters, and lucky for them, I enjoy sewing doll clothes :)  
Four of my grand daughters received an 18" doll for Christmas this year, along with a dress I made for them.
My doll Red Rose, is modeling a dress I made for Reagan's doll.
I know that Reagan really likes purple....so does Red Rose!

 I used the pattern on the top left for the purple dress.
This rectangle dress pattern is kind of interesting.
The McCall's pattern dresses have the same pattern pieces as regular clothes, just smaller.
The rectangle dress pattern is perfect for quilters.
You just measure and cut the pieces out with a rotary cutter.

I made this dress for Kylie's doll.

This is the dress I made for Kylie's sister, Neo's doll.

 I found Red Rose at her sewing machine!!! Lol

The rectangle dress pattern is easy, because you cut it up the back, press the seam back l/4" and sew the velcro onto the seam.
Pretty easy!
I don't know if you can tell, but I cut the length of velcro that I needed, and cut up the middle of it.
One length of velcro can be used for 2 dresses.

I always make the dress to match the accessory.

I forgot to take a photo of the dress I made for Lucy's doll...
I used leftover fabric from a dress she wore on Hallowe'en, a couple of years ago.
I asked her 9 year old sister Kennedy, if she would take a photo of Lucy's doll wearing the dress.
This is what her mom sent me!
Two dolls, one named Lucy and one named Dana :)

I also used McCall's 5554 for this dress, the lower right version.

Kennedy who is 9, is very lucky!
She's the oldest grand daughter by 3 years.
Since I had more time, I made her a complete wardrobe for her doll.
You can see it here.
I made quite a few clothes for my grand daughter Reagan too, for her 12" long baby doll.
You can see it here.
I repurposed some clothing for doll clothes too, see it here.
I see lots more doll clothes in my future!

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Jan 9, 2017

Vintage Christmas Decor

 I was invited by my "fancy" friend Joni Hilton, author, playwright and friend extraordinaire!, and much, much more, to Terry's home.
She decorates for every holiday and her decor is candy to the eyes!
I toured Terry's workroom a few years ago, you can see it here.

 This antique quilt is beautiful, and many names were hand embroidered onto the white squares.
At first, I thought they were ladies in a quilting bee, but there are too many names for that.
Maybe they are names of ladies in a service group, during the War...

Red and white, the most beautiful color combo for Christmas.
I never would have thought of putting mason jars in a gorgeous gingham bowl!
In the background, you can see antique Santa mugs on an antique cup holder.
Nothing in Terry's home is a reproduction, everything is genuine!

Everything was so warm and inviting, Terry had all the candles lit.

The little red banner in the basket with the clocks, said it's Christmas Time!
I love the cardboard doll house too :)

That's a genuine Norwegian crown, and the girls who wore them would get wax in their hair....

 I just love Terry's sense of creative style!

Her red and white polka dot toadstool tree :)

Terry even has a Pinocchio tree, she and her husband and children lived in Germany while he was an officer in the military.

Terry "snuffed" out the candles on this wreath because they were getting low and she was afraid they might burn the greenery and start a fire.
Most people blow out their candles, but Terry "snuffs" them out with a special antique snuffer, she has a collection of them :)

 Terry made us some sweet little treats, so precious!

I thought this was hot cocoa, but it was mint ice cream with whipped cream! 
It was yummy too!

Here we are, Terry's guests....Debbie, Joni, me and Rhonda.

 Here is Terry herself, the dearest, sweetest, happiest, most creative lady :)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and decor with us.

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