Jan 23, 2017

Lined Travel Bag and Christmas pillowcases

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I've started making my grandchildren little travel sized (12" X16") 
pillowcases that fit pillows I buy at Joann's, when they come to visit us.
These are the ones I made this year, since they were here for Christmas :)

It was fun choosing the fabric, this one is Charlotte's.
I also bought them the softest little throw blankets I could find!

This one is Bridger's, sort of manly with the bearded gnomes :)

This one is for Kennedy, because she's like me and she likes vintage :)

Last but not least, is Lucy.
I gave her a traditional Santa :)

I bought this lined travel bag from In Color Order.
I made the project bag size, and want to make some more, they're great!

I made this bag to hold Coral, Queen of the Sea.
My little Charlotte loves pandas, so this fabric was perfect!

Thanks for visiting, have a great week!

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  1. Everything is so cute!! Love those travel bags, and have been meaning to make a few. The panda fabric is so cute, as is the little doll you made it for!