Jan 9, 2017

Vintage Christmas Decor

 I was invited by my "fancy" friend Joni Hilton, author, playwright and friend extraordinaire!, and much, much more, to Terry's home.
She decorates for every holiday and her decor is candy to the eyes!
I toured Terry's workroom a few years ago, you can see it here.

 This antique quilt is beautiful, and many names were hand embroidered onto the white squares.
At first, I thought they were ladies in a quilting bee, but there are too many names for that.
Maybe they are names of ladies in a service group, during the War...

Red and white, the most beautiful color combo for Christmas.
I never would have thought of putting mason jars in a gorgeous gingham bowl!
In the background, you can see antique Santa mugs on an antique cup holder.
Nothing in Terry's home is a reproduction, everything is genuine!

Everything was so warm and inviting, Terry had all the candles lit.

The little red banner in the basket with the clocks, said it's Christmas Time!
I love the cardboard doll house too :)

That's a genuine Norwegian crown, and the girls who wore them would get wax in their hair....

 I just love Terry's sense of creative style!

Her red and white polka dot toadstool tree :)

Terry even has a Pinocchio tree, she and her husband and children lived in Germany while he was an officer in the military.

Terry "snuffed" out the candles on this wreath because they were getting low and she was afraid they might burn the greenery and start a fire.
Most people blow out their candles, but Terry "snuffs" them out with a special antique snuffer, she has a collection of them :)

 Terry made us some sweet little treats, so precious!

I thought this was hot cocoa, but it was mint ice cream with whipped cream! 
It was yummy too!

Here we are, Terry's guests....Debbie, Joni, me and Rhonda.

 Here is Terry herself, the dearest, sweetest, happiest, most creative lady :)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and decor with us.

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  1. Oh Wow! Thank you for sharing, Cynthia! Everything is so unique! I wondered how long it takes her to decorate - and where does she store it all later :)! What a wonderful tour it must have been!

  2. How wonderful! I wouldn't want to leave. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow those Christmas decorations are amazing. It must take a long time to set everything up.