Apr 21, 2014

Bernina 750 QE

A lot of people have asked me why I chose the Bernina 750 QE.  

The machine is huge, and weighs about 50 pounds.
It is not a machine to be lugged to retreats or on airplanes.
It has a really strong and powerful motor compared to a regular machine.
  • The throat area is wide and deep, letting you roll your quilt and fit it really easily to the right of the needle.  Sometimes I even keep a pad of paper with notes on the throat when I am piecing a quilt.

  • As I mentioned before, the motor in the machine is very strong.  No matter what heavy duty sewing I am doing, the motor never sounds strained.
  • I can quilt twice as fast, the speed and versatility is unmatched.
  • There are sensors that alert you when the bobbin is out of thread.  This is a huge help, because I have sewn and sewn and sewn, before I knew I was out of thread.  There is also an alert that lets you know when your needle comes unthreaded.

The bobbin holds 80% more thread than a regular bobbin.

  • The machine comes with a stitch regulator.  I used to have such a difficult time keeping my stitches the same length when I was machine quilting.  Now, the stitch regulator keeps them all the same length no matter what!!!

This is a photo of my actual stitch regulator.

Here is a sample of stipple quilting that I did with my stitch regulator.  All the stitches are even!

There are many different feet you can get for this machine which are unbelievable!  This is my 1/4" foot that has a regulator that you pull down from the back.  It feeds the fabric between the foot and the feed dog without pulling or straining.  I love it!!!  Sewing is so much easier :)

All the feet have a sensor that let you know important facts on the screen monitor.  The foot knows that you can only choose certain stitches and it notifies you accordingly.

I saw a great wavy quilting stitch that I tried on my tee shirt quilt.

It's stitch 4, the width is 4.9 and the length is 2.5

The sewing machine also starts out taking a few stitches in place to stabilize the thread and when you are through sewing a row, you can touch the scissors button and the machine will take a few stitches and then cut the thread for you.
This is what the machine looks like when I turn it on.
It takes about 30 seconds for the computer to load.

I typed a personal greeting :)

You can select from a variety of colors for the background.  I chose aqua.

My Bernina was purchased at an authorized Bernina dealer, and came with 2 free classes from an authorized Bernina dealer.  I learned a lot about my machine but I know there's a lot more to discover.  Another nice feature is an arm that plugs in and you can sew by pressing your knee against it.  This is especially helpful when you are machine quilting. 
I absolutely love my Bernina 750 QE!!!
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  1. Wow - we've come a long way from the Singer 'treadle' machine I first learned on (my Mom's). I still have my old Sears Kenmore Machine and it has been very faithful, but since our last move, it just likes to 'straight-stitch' best now :)!

  2. I still wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful Sewing machine and thank you for showing it to us. I'm hoping mine will still last a while, but soon I will have to go out and invest in a new one. Happy sewing Cynthia!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the great info on your new Bernina. Can you share how much you paid for it?

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  5. Im wondering whats wrong with me. Having nothing but problems with my 750Q. Bought it Jan, 2014.

  6. I have the Bernina 750 QE. How did you personalise the greeting ?

  7. I find my 750QE difficult to use. Functions seem very complicated and cumbersome. I've had mine for 3 years now and have barely used it. Frankly, I'm intimidated by it. I've had a couple lessons at the dealer, but then when I get home I don't immediately try to use the machine to reinforced what I'd learned. This is my first computerized machine and I doubt I'll buy another computerized one. I'd sell it and all the accessories in a heartbeat if I could get a decent price. I paid $5,000! It was a total impulse buy which I have since regretted.