Apr 28, 2014

I love Aurifil thread!

When I first began sewing, and for many years, I would buy my thread at Walmart, or wherever I could find the best deal.
This is hand quilting thread, which I used to run through my pleater when I pleat fabric to smock.
It is strong and durable.

I bought it in lots of pretty colors so that I would always have a good selection.

I used to buy my thread from Joann Fabric store.
I would buy this thread in white and natural colors, for piecing quilts.
Here is the link.
It would break now and then, but I was generally satisfied with the quality.

I found a better quality of machine quilting thread, and I also used it to hand sew bindings onto my finished quilts.

Two years ago, I found out about Aurifil thread, and it has changed my thinking about thread.
I won't use anything but Aurifil.
It never breaks, it's silky, it's strong, it has a nice sheen, and it's easy to thread through the eye of a needle.
It's made in Italy, and is 100% cotton.

Did you know that thread comes in different weights?
I prefer the 50 weight thread for quilting and machine quilting.
It's a little on the expensive side initially, but each spool holds 1422 yards, or 1300 meters of thread.
It lasts forever!
Here is a link to my favorite thread :) 
I only have 3 colors, including white and natural.
I sew with white most of the time.
I have one spool of invisible thread which I use when attaching dresdens to a block.
I discovered that Aurifil makes invisible thread, that will be next on my list!

Yes, I'm a thread snob.
Since I've discovered Aurifil, I won't sew with anything else :)
Here's a link to find the nearest Aurifil dealer near you!
If you haven't tried it yet, have I inspired you to try a spool of Aurifil?
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  1. Thank you Cynthia - this is good to know. I've always boughten polyester thread, but after receiving a gift of 100% cotton Aurifil thread - I'm especially anxious to try it.

  2. yes, I'm a thread snob too. After learning so much while working at Superior Threads, I now try to educate quilters on the importance of using a good thread. I generally use Superior, but the other day purchased some Aurifil to try because I know it is also a good quality thread.

  3. My local quilt shop sells Aurifil, my quilting group meets there twice a month; dangerous place for a thread snob. haha I love using Aurifil, even my antique machines like it. I piece most of my quilts with my 4 treadle machines, the oldest is 104 yrs old.

  4. I agree... For almost everything - piecing and quilting - I only use Aurifil 50 wt (40 wt for quilting sometimes if I really want it to show). LOVE LOVE LOVE the Aurifil! I especially love it for my applique, and I bought a set of every color Aurifil makes in a chest of drawers (small spools) just for my machine applique - I like to match the colors. For piecing I stick to neutrals - grey and cream mostly... occasionally white. Aurifil ROCKS!