Apr 7, 2014

"Home Sweet Home" quilt block

I made another "Home Sweet Home" block, they are so cute and fun to make and the color combinations are endless!
I've made 2 of these house blocks before, you can see them here.

The block is designed by Lori Holt, and that is the only reason that I bought this magazine :)

I'm really anxious to quilt the house block because again, the possibilities are endless!  
To be continued sometime in the next few weeks.....post signature


  1. I bought the magazine to make the same block too! I made my block into a door banner with shamrocks on it. I love your house!

  2. These houses are so cute with all their details. I bought the magazine for that pattern but haven't built any houses yet!

  3. I bought the mag just for this pattern, but I haven't made any houses yet! I need to! One of these days. =)