Feb 25, 2020

Farmhouse Lane quilt is quilted!

I finished my Farmhouse Lane quilt, by Lori Holt!
I have been wanting to make this quilt since 
Lori's book "Vintage Farmgirl" came out.
I'm pretty excited about how my machine quilting turned out.

I machine quilted swirls with petals.

I used the same fabric for my binding 
as I did for the little pink border.
I used a crosshatch machine quilting pattern for the border.
Unfortunately, I was trying to sew one direction
and then tug at the quilt and pull it so that 
I could go the opposite direction.
I didn't realize it, but by tugging at the quilt, I bent something on the needle shaft and had to take it in for a $150 repair!!!
It usually costs $120 for a Bernina update, oil and clean, etc,
but this one cost more.
On the bright side,
 it was repaired in two days instead of two weeks!
When I was sewing the crosshatch design on the border,
on my newly oiled, cleaned and repaired machine,
I just went one direction, cut the threads and
moved it over 1 1/2" to sew the next line.

I bought this fabric about 3 or 4 years ago, and it's very pink, 
not the corral that it shows in the photo.

My next quilt to work on at Farm Girl Chicks,
is the Scrappy Haystack Sampler quilt.
I've got all the Haystack blocks sewn, just
need to sew 13 12 l/2" blocks from the book
Farm Girl Vintage.

Thanks for following :)

Feb 17, 2020

Quilt Top Finishes

Here is my Stellar Star quilt.
I love all the jewel toned colors.
The blocks and the flying geese are all paper pieced.
Each of the large (12") blocks had about 24 pages of instructions.
Needless to say, this is an advanced level pattern.
I used fabric from my stash which makes me really happy!

Since I've been going to Farm Girl Chicks, 
about a year and a half, 
I've been working on this Farmhouse Lane quilt.
I finally finished it, yay!

I tried something new, I taped the back fabric to the floor.
It was so much easier the straighten the batting 
and then gently lay the quilt on top.
I safety pinned all three layers together.
I dont think ther are any creases in the quilt back.

 I've been spending my free time machine quilting my
Farmhouse Lane quilt.
I'm excited to see the quilt finished!

Thanks for following along :)

Feb 10, 2020

Jelly Roll Race

First, I'm sorry I don't have a photo of my finished Stellar Stars quilt top to show you today.
I'll share it with you next week :)
I participated in a jelly roll race this weekend.
A jelly roll is a 2 l/2" wide piece of fabric, from selvage to selvage.
A jelly roll contains every design of fabric from an entire line.

You sew each strip of fabric until all 40 0f them are sewn together, end to end.
Then you start sewing the strips together, 
until you have the desired width.
If you're really interested, you can google "jelly roll race".

After all the strips were sewn together, we added borders so that our quilt top would fit a twin bed.
There were 8 of us in the race, we each finished a quilt top.
The quilts will be quilted and donated to an organization 
that helps refugees.

I can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday :)

Feb 3, 2020

Stellar Stars

I belong to the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild,
and last year I joined their block of the month quilt,
Stellar Stars.
(I don't know why it says 2018!!!)

This quilt pattern is not for the faint of heart...
This block wasn't too bad, I used the Lori Holt applique method.
(of course!)

This block was paper pieced, not too bad...

This block was also paper pieced, a little more difficult.

This block was paper pieced, I really enjoyed making this one.

This block was paper pieced, it was super difficult!
I actually made it twice!!!

This block was pieced, but....
luckily my friend Nedra gave me the measurements 
or I couldn't have made it.
The directions could have been in Greek!!!
I have no idea how it happened, 
but the block measures an inch bigger than it should be!!!
I just can't remake it!

I laid all my blocks out, they really are beautiful.
There are a million flying gray geese, all paper pieced.
I really enjoyed making them.

  The quilt top needs to be finished by this Saturday,
for our meeting.
I think there were only about 5 of us that made this quilt,
and I really want to show it off,
it was an advanced pattern.
 Nedra and I got together monthly to work on our blocks together.  
She was a great help to me, but I got behind quite a few months 
due to extenuating circumstances. 
 The blocks I showed you are ones that I had to make on my own.
Here's a photo of Nedra and I, maybe as far back as July!

Next week I'll have a photo of my finished quilt top.
Have a great week!