Sep 26, 2022

The Crosley Pouch, Halloween style

I wanted to make my grandchildren something for Halloween and decided to make them each a medium Crosley pouch 
by Center Street quilts. You can see more about the pattern 
on my last post here.

 Choosing the fabric is half the fun!

These pouches were all made with 10" squares of fabric for the outside, 10" for the lining and another 10" for the trim.

I had fun taking these photos with some of my Halloween decor!

I'm going to fill these pouches with each grandchild's favorite candy.

I really love the pumpkins with the purple background!

It took me a week of solid sewing and late nights to get all of these pouches cut out and sewn.  I'm waiting for some little ghost charms that I ordered, to arrive. Now I'll be on the hunt for their favorite candies ❤️ I hope I might have inspired you to make your Halloween a little spookier ­čśé

Sep 19, 2022

The Crosley Pouch

I posted about the Holland Pouch pattern that I bought from Centerstreet Quilts in July, here. I follow them on Instagram and they came out with a new pattern, the Crosley pouch.  I fall in love with everything they do, partly because their patterns are so cute and partly because they post great video tutorials on Instagram.

Below is their Crosley pouch.

When I saw their post on Instagram, I raced right over to their site on Etsy and bought the pattern.  I made three right away, a Papa (11"X11"), a Mama (9"X9"), and a baby (7"X7").  I just love them!!!

This one is made with Rifle Paper Co fabric, from their Alice in Wonderland line.  I thought it was so elegant, that I had to add an Eiffel Tower charm for the zipper pull.

The inside always has to be cute too ­čĺŚ

 Next, I used American Jane fabric, with a black m&m charm.

This pouch was made from layer cake squares.

Last but not least is the little pouch.  I used Lucien fabric and a gummy  bear charm.  

Here they are, all in a row.

Part of the fun is choosing the fabric and the zippers.  I buy my zippers from YKK zippers on Etsy.

I decided to make a halloween themed pouch for each of my grandchildren this year.  I hope to have them finished by the end of this month.  The sweat shop has been busy for the past three weeks, choosing, cutting and sewing :)

Sep 12, 2022

Sabrina's First Birthday

 Last week was my grand daughter Sabrina's first birthday. A lot of preparations went into that party :) I have a little pink plastic pig that blows up balloons and then I tie them.  I made a few balloon arches.

It was a circus themed party.  
My son Sean and I wore matching tee shirts.

I made 99 old fashioned sugar cookies and almost half of them were left over.  

Sabrina's mom prepared a beautiful spread of fruit.  They also had a popcorn bar with various spices to sprinkle on.  They had a savory one, Mexican chocolate, cinnamon and theater butter.  There were m&ms to add and praline pecans and little chocolate peanut butter cups.

Karina made Sabrina a banana loaf cupcake with whipped cream frosting, minus the sugar.  Sabrina loved it!!!

I drew this chalkboard for the party.

There were about 35 people who came, and it was fun to see all 9 one year olds play together :) There was a pi├▒ata, darts to throw at balloons and a bounce house!!! Sean grilled hot dogs which were delicious.

One more photo of Sabrina loving her little doll I made for her ­čĺŚ

Sep 5, 2022

My Quilt Retreat

I went to a quilt retreat last week, Monday through Thursday.  It was only a 50 minute drive from my house but I still stayed at the hotel.  I shared a room with my good friend Nedra and we had lots of fun together.  We sewed and sewed and went to a nice restaurant every day. There were 41 woman at the retreat and it was great visiting and getting to know some of the ladies. This is me at my machine.  Everyone had a large Costco table to themselves which was really nice!

This was my view, sitting across from Nedra.

There was a sea of sewing machines in the. ballroom, quite a few of the women brought their embroidery machines along with their sewing machines.

We were just a block from a wonderful quilt shop called "Modern Quilting" where we saw and bought lots of gorgeous fabric!

I completed my Cabin Chills quilt. The fabric is designed by J Wecker Frisch. It's called "Old Made" and is all sewing related.  I fell in love with the quilt the moment I saw it, and bought the kit last year. 

Instead of the white background, I chose a gray fabric to make the quilt a little spookier.

I still have to do a blanket stitch around the moons and the windows.  I had my Singer Featherweight with me. It sews like a dream, but only does straight stitch.

I also made this little doll for Sabrina who turned one year old.

I attached a little tag on her back which says 
PS I love you.

Sabrina loved it!

I also made about 10 Halloween "Tell me a story" blocks.
The retreat was so much fun!  The ladies were all so lovely, we won lots of prizes and were given quilt patterns and all sorts of goodies.  
I sure hope to go on the retreat again next year :)