Sep 19, 2022

The Crosley Pouch

I posted about the Holland Pouch pattern that I bought from Centerstreet Quilts in July, here. I follow them on Instagram and they came out with a new pattern, the Crosley pouch.  I fall in love with everything they do, partly because their patterns are so cute and partly because they post great video tutorials on Instagram.

Below is their Crosley pouch.

When I saw their post on Instagram, I raced right over to their site on Etsy and bought the pattern.  I made three right away, a Papa (11"X11"), a Mama (9"X9"), and a baby (7"X7").  I just love them!!!

This one is made with Rifle Paper Co fabric, from their Alice in Wonderland line.  I thought it was so elegant, that I had to add an Eiffel Tower charm for the zipper pull.

The inside always has to be cute too ­čĺŚ

 Next, I used American Jane fabric, with a black m&m charm.

This pouch was made from layer cake squares.

Last but not least is the little pouch.  I used Lucien fabric and a gummy  bear charm.  

Here they are, all in a row.

Part of the fun is choosing the fabric and the zippers.  I buy my zippers from YKK zippers on Etsy.

I decided to make a halloween themed pouch for each of my grandchildren this year.  I hope to have them finished by the end of this month.  The sweat shop has been busy for the past three weeks, choosing, cutting and sewing :)

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  1. These are so very sweet, Cynthia! Love your zipper pulls.