Oct 31, 2016

Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en!
Doesn't this photo look like it's straight out of a Tim Burton movie?
They are 4 of my grandchildren, portraying Alice in Wonderland.
Bridger is 11, he is the Mad Hatter.
Kennedy is 9, she is the Queen of Hearts.
Charlotte is 6, she is the white rabbit.
Lucy is 3, she is Alice.
My daughter Lindsay is so creative, she always creates fantastic costumes and themes for her kids on Hallowe'en.

This is the first time I haven't trick or treated with my grandchildren.
I'm trying not to think about it....
Here are some looks back at other Hallowe'ens, we always have a lot of fun!

I guess I didn't have any good Hallowe'en photos to show you from last year....

Have a fun and safe Hallowe'en!

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Oct 24, 2016

Day of the Dead Party

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My daughter Lindsay and her friend Brook, throw an incredible party every year before Hallowe'en.
This year's theme was Day of the Dead.
They send out invitations to their cooking group and then to some of their friends and family.
Lindsay's friend Kim did my makeup and let me use her beautiful skirt!!!
I don't even recognize myself :)
This is her home, and she created all the decorations herself.
Kim is a very talented artist!

These are some of Lindsay's friends who helped her with the set up.

Lindsay created all these huge paper flowers to decorate the wall, for a backdrop for photos!

Kari and Sean, the newlyweds, helped serve and wash dishes.

Lindsay made this huge piñata, it was about 40" tall.

One of the many appetizers were chicken tacos.
Isn't the presentation beautiful?

Lindsay and Kim :)
Kim is the artist who did my makeup!

Here is a shot of my dinner plate.
Then menu is on the right, if you can read it :)

The dessert plate was incredible!
Lindsay made the sugar cage which tops the flan.
It was an unbelievably fun night, with so many gastronomical foods!
Can't wait to find out what the theme is next year!!!

This is a look at Lindsay and Brook's party 2 years ago.

This is their party last year.

Oct 17, 2016

Snapshots Quilt

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I finally finished my Snapshots quilt from Fat Quarter Shop's quilt along!
I just needed to finish the bottom three blocks, frame them all in red, and add the sashing.
I've really enjoyed making this quilt.
All of the fabric is Bonnie and Camille, by Moda fabric.
I used many different lines and loved matching up the colors and prints.
I'll show you another photo when the quilt is machine quilted and bound.
It's always so great to finish a WIP!

Oct 10, 2016

Fancy Forest is quilted!

I machine quilted and sewed the binding on my Fancy Forest quilt, by Elizabeth Hartman.
I was thinking about different ways I could machine quilt this little quilt for my 13th grandchild, baby Jacob.
I saw this wood design and really loved it!
I watched a few tutorials on how to create the free motion look, did some practice drawing with pen and paper, and was set to go.
I was nervous to start for fear I'd ruin the quilt, but luckily, I didn't ruin it :)

Here is a closeup of the quilting.
To tell you the truth, it wasn't that hard, but my neck got very stiff hunched over the sewing machine for hours.

It probably took about 5 hours of quilting, and a lot of thread!

I used a light gray Aurifil thread.

I backed the quilt with a really soft steel blue minky.
The nap makes the fabric look like it has different shades of color.

The minky fabric melts into the stitches, it has a great effect!

I really want to keep this quilt....but no, I made it for Jacob :)
I hope he falls in love with it and rubs the softness while he sucks his little thumb!

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Oct 3, 2016

Appleicious, Quilty Fun!

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I've had these fabrics chosen, and the squares for the apples cut, sitting on a design board on my floor in the corner, for 2 l/2 years!!!
I have been so busy sewing blessing gowns and baby quilts and birthday and Christmas gifts for grandchildren, traveling to visit family, and just plain life!
I've had some time lately and have been finishing my WIPs.
I picked this project up from the floor and it literally had a layer or two of dust on it, lol!
I've loved this quilt since I first saw it, I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it.

It really didn't take long to sew up these little apples.
It's funny how your fabric taste changes over the years. 
I may not have chosen some of these prints or colors if I was making the quilt today.
I probably would have added some Cotton and Steel!
I still like them though....
My favorite apples are Honeycrisp and Pink Lady. 
I also love Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith for salads.
That's why I included a lot of pinks, yellows and greens :)

Ta Da!!!
My own little appleicious quilt!
I'm going to machine quilt it myself, but probably won't be able to  until the new year.

I love Moda dots, with the white background and the colored dots.
This background is in gray dots, and surprisingly, it didn't take as long as I thought it would, to sew the borders together.

I'm so happy with my little quilt!
Lots of Lori Holt's prints, some of Pam Kitty's, and other random prints that I love.
Do you notice the little blue leaf?
It's my red and aqua apple :)