Oct 24, 2016

Day of the Dead Party

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My daughter Lindsay and her friend Brook, throw an incredible party every year before Hallowe'en.
This year's theme was Day of the Dead.
They send out invitations to their cooking group and then to some of their friends and family.
Lindsay's friend Kim did my makeup and let me use her beautiful skirt!!!
I don't even recognize myself :)
This is her home, and she created all the decorations herself.
Kim is a very talented artist!

These are some of Lindsay's friends who helped her with the set up.

Lindsay created all these huge paper flowers to decorate the wall, for a backdrop for photos!

Kari and Sean, the newlyweds, helped serve and wash dishes.

Lindsay made this huge piñata, it was about 40" tall.

One of the many appetizers were chicken tacos.
Isn't the presentation beautiful?

Lindsay and Kim :)
Kim is the artist who did my makeup!

Here is a shot of my dinner plate.
Then menu is on the right, if you can read it :)

The dessert plate was incredible!
Lindsay made the sugar cage which tops the flan.
It was an unbelievably fun night, with so many gastronomical foods!
Can't wait to find out what the theme is next year!!!

This is a look at Lindsay and Brook's party 2 years ago.

This is their party last year.

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  1. Hello Cynthia
    Wow those photos are amazing, I first saw you on IG with your lovely makeup and costume. What a great party. Glad you had a fun time.