Dec 30, 2019

Eagle Scout quilt

I gave Bridger's quilt to him for Christmas, and he loved it!
He is the sweetest young man and 
I know he will really take care of it!

I was very pleased with my machine quilting :)
I used a walking foot and it turned out really well.
The quilting lines are all an inch and a half apart.

I even embroidered a label for his quilt.
Note to self, do this always, in the future!!!

Dec 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

I hope you're all nestled with your loved ones today :)

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people who read my blog :)

Dec 23, 2019

Lori Holt Vintage Christmas placemats

I have been making lots of placemats using 12" blocks 
from Lori Holt's Vintage Christmas book.
My Farm Girl Chick quilt group had a Christmas party, placemat exchange last week.
We each made 2 placemats to exchange, and did we ever have fun!!
I made HIS and HERS snowmen :)

I used Cotton and Steel fabric on the back.
It was difficult to part with, as I was hording it...but I bought it for this reason, so I cut into it :)

Nancy, pictured below in her Christmas leggings,
 is the Mama Hen of our Farm Girl Chick group.
She always makes everything so much fun!!!
She got some full page Christmas images 
and cut them in half in a puzzle piece.
We all reached into the bag and pulled out our puzzle piece, and looked for the fellow chick who had the matching piece.
Nancy and Diane were matches :)
Nancy is holding the placemats that Diane made and gifted to her.
Diane is holding the placemats that Nancy made and gifted to her.

Terry and Cindy

Bonnie, Cindy and Susan

Kristie and Pam

Shauna and Jeannie

Brenda and Shirley

Guess whose puzzle piece I matched with?
That's right, my bestie Nedra.
We were so thrilled to exchange with each other :)

Aren't all the placemats beautiful?
We have so much fun at our group, 
these women are blessings to me :)

Dec 16, 2019

Paisley's Tooth Fairy Envelope

Remember when I made Paisley's tooth fairy envelope for her?
Well I gave it to her just in time!
Her tooth fell out last week :)
Paisley lost her tooth at 5 l/2 years old.

I think the tooth fairy might have taken this photo, but can you see her envelope peeking out from under Paisley's pillow?
Look at that little sleeping angel :)

This is the note that Paisley left the tooth fairy in her ever so neat and tidy, left handed handwriting :)

That is one of the main reasons I love making things for my grandchildren. ... I know that they will be used and cherished  and it makes my grandmother heart so, so happy and full of love :)
Now off I go to make another tooth fairy envelope, another grand daughter has two loose teeth!!!

Dec 2, 2019

Once Upon a Time Multi Princesses Panel

I love Stacy Iest Hsu's doll panels, 
I've made a lot of them for my grand daughters.
This one is called "Once Upon a Time."
It has a two carry handles and some ties to close at the sides.
I buy the panels at quilt shops or on Easy.

The little castle opens up to show an armoire for the two princesses and a bed for their pet unicorn.
The bed is just a pocket to slide the unicorn into, 
with a removable pillow.

One princess is pink and the other is purple.
If I was a little girl, I would name the princesses Ruby and Violet :)
The doors on the armoire open to reveal a princess dress 
and some accessories.

I love their little unicorn with her pink heart 
 and her own removable skirt :)

She even has a pink mane!

This set comes in two panels, one for the castle 
and the other has the princesses and their pets.

The back cover has a pocket for the pet bunny.
I cut the dolls out very carefully along the dotted line, 
with sharp scissors.
I shorten my stitches to about 1.25 so that the seams will stay sewn.

It takes some time to stuff them, but it's totally worth it!

 I'm giving this little set to my grand daughter Taylor,
who is 3 years old.  
I hope it brings her many hours of enjoyment :)

Nov 25, 2019

Paisley's tooth fairy envelope

I have a tradition that whenever a grandchild has their first wiggly tooth, they draw a picture of the tooth fairy for me and I make them a little envelope to put their tooth in.
This is Paisley's drawing of the tooth fairy, isn't she the prettiest?
Paisley is only 5 years old and might have the "artist" gene :)

I print the drawing from my photos on the computer.
We only have a black ink lacerate, so I have to label the colors :)
I printed the picture in 4" X 6" format.

Then I lay some fabric on top of the picture and trace 
with a friction pen.
The ink disappears when you iron it.

Then I add some pretty fabric...

I line the envelope and add a little flap.
Paisley's favorite colors are green, purple and orange.
The envelope is where you can put written correspondence
with the tooth fairy, which is so important!

The little pocket in the back is where Paisley 
will put her little tooth when it falls out :)

It's difficult living far away from my family, so I do these little things that will hopefully make me memorable for years to come!
This is Paisley a year ago, such a cutie patootie!!!

Nov 18, 2019

Sleeping Beauty

Every year, my daughter Lindsay creates 
"themed" costumes for her children.
This year, Lindsay was Briar Rose 
from the movie Sleeping Beauty.

Pretty good eh?
She even acts the part :)

Then there are the fairy godmothers who protect Briar Rose in the woods.  
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

Flora is in red, that's Kennedy.
Fauna is in green, that's Lucy.
Merry weather is blue, that's Charlotte.

Lindsay is a self taught seamstress.
I gave her some help when she was a newlywed 
but she took off from there.
I love Kennedy's wig :)

It looks like it took a lot of fabric to make the hats!

Isn't this the cutest face?
It looks like Fauna is up to something!!!

Lindsay's a very good teacher, she even coached her husband 
on how to take their group shots :)

Thanks for following, 
I love to brag when a family member is creative!