Dec 16, 2019

Paisley's Tooth Fairy Envelope

Remember when I made Paisley's tooth fairy envelope for her?
Well I gave it to her just in time!
Her tooth fell out last week :)
Paisley lost her tooth at 5 l/2 years old.

I think the tooth fairy might have taken this photo, but can you see her envelope peeking out from under Paisley's pillow?
Look at that little sleeping angel :)

This is the note that Paisley left the tooth fairy in her ever so neat and tidy, left handed handwriting :)

That is one of the main reasons I love making things for my grandchildren. ... I know that they will be used and cherished  and it makes my grandmother heart so, so happy and full of love :)
Now off I go to make another tooth fairy envelope, another grand daughter has two loose teeth!!!

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