Dec 16, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday, the letter "I"

Welcome to Spelling Bee Saturday!
My letter today, on the Fat Quarter quilt along, is the letter "I".
I is for icing, as they say in Canada.
I think they call it frosting in the US.
Either way, I bought it for the photoshoot and ate the whole thing!!!
Yes, you read that right, icing is my kryptonite :)

 I is also for ice cream.
I love this cute little ice cream cone pin cushion that my sweet friend Joanna made for me.
The cone is ceramic, and her mom crocheted the cherries :)

Best of all, I is for Isabel, my grand daughter.
She is the cutest little ball of energy, and she is what my "I" is all about :)

I made a cute wall hanging for her bedroom.
It measures 36" long by 6" tall.

I used Bee Basics fabric by Lori Holt (I'm in love with that line!) and Riley Blake dots, pink on white.

I took these closeups so that you can see the individual prints :)

I used "Vintage Happy" by Lori Holt, for the butterfly.

Now for the announcement that I promised you!
I'm giving away a copy of Lori Holt's Spelling Bee book!!!
For a chance to win it, you can leave a comment on this post.
For more chances to win, you can go to my Instagram page here, and follow the directions :)
I will announce the winner here and on Instagram, 
on Wednesday, December 20th.
Even if you already have a copy of the book, it makes a great gift :)

I have had such a blast being a part of 
Fat Quarter shop's quilt along!
Thanks for following me!!!

Dec 9, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday, the letter "h"

This week is brought to you by the letter "h".
"h" is for horse.

Isabel, my 2 year old grand daughter, is so excited when she gets on the phone with her grandfather and I, that all she can say is "hi!" "hi!" "hi!"!!!
This letter is dedicated to her :)
Izzy was the inspiration for my little mini quilt, which I changed from hello to hi!

This is such a vintage phone, I don't think a 2 year old would know how to use it!

Here's my letter "h", I used Lori Holt's Bee Basics, and I especially love the teal color!

When I see this "hi!", I can always hear Izzy's breathless voice in my ear :)

I love Lori's book, Spelling Bee, and all of her other books as well!
She is such an inspiration to me, and such a fun and cute person :)
I would also like to thank the Fat Quarter Shop for this fabulous quilt along!

Stay tuned for a big giveaway next week!

Dec 2, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday, the letter "g"

Isn't life grand!
"g" is for grandchildren,
all 13 of them!
(3 boys and 10 girls)

I'm beyond thrilled to be participating in the fat quarter shop's "Spelling Bee Saturday".
I have the letter "g" and the first thing that came to mind is "grandchildren"!

I made 6" letters, flash card style.
I can spell lots of words with these letters.
Ran, child, dinner, clean, dear, idea, read, red, dad, girl, glad, grad, nice, angel are just a few words I thought of, that are spelled from the word grandchildren.
I looked it up and there are 908 words spelled from 13 letters!!!

The fabric I used for the letters and the binding, 
is Bee Basics by Lori Holt.
Riley Blake's swiss dot, grey on white was used for the background.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and joining me for 
Spelling Bee Saturday :)

Nov 27, 2017

Christmas Pillowcases

I found this great tutorial for making pillowcases!
One of my favorite designers has a blog called 
"Lovely Little Handmades".
Here's the tutorial.
She calls them magic pillowcases :)

We have six little grand daughters coming (with their parents of course!) to California to spend Christmas with us!

These cute Christmas pillowcases will encourage them to have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads :)

Each little girl will have their own little pillowcase.

The pillowcases take about 20 minutes to make, easy peasy!!!

Nov 20, 2017

Reagan's Birthday Dress

This is the third dress I've made from this McCall's pattern.

It's fun to sew, in spite of all the gathers!

This fabric is called "Farmer's Daughter" by Vanessa Goertzen from Lella  Boutique.
The script fabric has such pretty sayings.

I found some red gingham buttons which I love!

 There is a big tree in our backyard and the leaves turn a brilliant red when the cooler weather comes.
I love taking photos by this tree :)

Reagan's favorite colors are pink and purple.
It's hard to find pretty purples, but when I saw this little rosebud design and the big pink roses on black, I knew I had to use it.

I think the pink is very striking against the black.

Just like the other dresses I made, there's a bag to match.
The lining is the black polka dot fabric.

Here's pretty little Reagan, she just turned 7 and lost her second front tooth the day after this photo was taken :)
She looks more beautiful than ever!

 This is the McCall's pattern I used, I have it in 2 sizes.

I still have one more of these dresses to make before Christmas!

Nov 6, 2017

Hallowe'en 2017

I want to show you my family's incredible Hallowe'en costumes!
We didn't get to spend Hallowe'en with them this year, so had to do it through photos which I really want to share with you.
My daughter Lindsay and her family really get into the spirit, every year!
Lindsay made all of her family's costumes.
Not only are the costumes great, but everyone's always in character!

Let's begin with Cinderella.
Cinderella always wished for long hair....

When Lindsay proposed the idea for Cinderella to Lucy, all she cared about was the wig!

She didn't care that she had chores to do, because she was so happy with her long, golden locks :)

"I'm dreaming of my beautiful, long hair!"

Oh oh, the evil stepmother (aka Lindsay) is watching!

Oh boy, the mean step sisters!!!
(aka Kennedy and Charlotte)

Poor Cinderella....

All Cinderella can do to keep her mind off of her mean step sisters, is to think about her prince, her castle and all her animal friends.

Poor Cinderella!!!!

My daughter Lindsay made all the costumes, and she didn't even use a pattern!  
She sewed hole hoops under the step sisters skirts to make them stick out :)

I think the make up is great too!

Bridger (the girls' older brother, he's not mean) is in middle school this year.
He dressed up as Larry Culpepper, the Dr Pepper guy in the commercials during the football games.

Bridget really gets into character too!!!
Just google one of his commercials and you'll see he is the spitting image of Larry!

Here are my son Addison's children.

Kylie is Batgirl

Neo is Wonder Woman

Isabel is Cinderella

My son Jordan's girls, dressed as The Wizard of Oz characters.
Kim designed their costumes.
Paisley is the wicked witch, Taylor is the scarecrow and Reagan is Dorothy.
It was Reagan's dream to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz :)

Our daughter Rebecca's children.
Maisie is a rockstar and Ben is Davey Crockett.

Hope you enjoyed seeing photos of my grandchildren, our daughter and their costumes :)