Nov 6, 2017

Hallowe'en 2017

I want to show you my family's incredible Hallowe'en costumes!
We didn't get to spend Hallowe'en with them this year, so had to do it through photos which I really want to share with you.
My daughter Lindsay and her family really get into the spirit, every year!
Lindsay made all of her family's costumes.
Not only are the costumes great, but everyone's always in character!

Let's begin with Cinderella.
Cinderella always wished for long hair....

When Lindsay proposed the idea for Cinderella to Lucy, all she cared about was the wig!

She didn't care that she had chores to do, because she was so happy with her long, golden locks :)

"I'm dreaming of my beautiful, long hair!"

Oh oh, the evil stepmother (aka Lindsay) is watching!

Oh boy, the mean step sisters!!!
(aka Kennedy and Charlotte)

Poor Cinderella....

All Cinderella can do to keep her mind off of her mean step sisters, is to think about her prince, her castle and all her animal friends.

Poor Cinderella!!!!

My daughter Lindsay made all the costumes, and she didn't even use a pattern!  
She sewed hole hoops under the step sisters skirts to make them stick out :)

I think the make up is great too!

Bridger (the girls' older brother, he's not mean) is in middle school this year.
He dressed up as Larry Culpepper, the Dr Pepper guy in the commercials during the football games.

Bridget really gets into character too!!!
Just google one of his commercials and you'll see he is the spitting image of Larry!

Here are my son Addison's children.

Kylie is Batgirl

Neo is Wonder Woman

Isabel is Cinderella

My son Jordan's girls, dressed as The Wizard of Oz characters.
Kim designed their costumes.
Paisley is the wicked witch, Taylor is the scarecrow and Reagan is Dorothy.
It was Reagan's dream to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz :)

Our daughter Rebecca's children.
Maisie is a rockstar and Ben is Davey Crockett.

Hope you enjoyed seeing photos of my grandchildren, our daughter and their costumes :)


  1. Wow - amazing costumes! I need to pull out the ones, I made for our children long ago - most are simple, but one year I got ambitious and made a full cuddly Rabbit and Mouse outfit for our older two. Love how Lucy got her wish for long hair - such a cutie - as are all of your grandchildren.

  2. Hello Cynthia
    I loved this post, your grandchildren are so sweet. Lindsay is so clever to make all those beautiful costumes but when I see those awesome dinner party photos she hosts, I'm not at all surprised by her talents.

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