Nov 20, 2017

Reagan's Birthday Dress

This is the third dress I've made from this McCall's pattern.

It's fun to sew, in spite of all the gathers!

This fabric is called "Farmer's Daughter" by Vanessa Goertzen from Lella  Boutique.
The script fabric has such pretty sayings.

I found some red gingham buttons which I love!

 There is a big tree in our backyard and the leaves turn a brilliant red when the cooler weather comes.
I love taking photos by this tree :)

Reagan's favorite colors are pink and purple.
It's hard to find pretty purples, but when I saw this little rosebud design and the big pink roses on black, I knew I had to use it.

I think the pink is very striking against the black.

Just like the other dresses I made, there's a bag to match.
The lining is the black polka dot fabric.

Here's pretty little Reagan, she just turned 7 and lost her second front tooth the day after this photo was taken :)
She looks more beautiful than ever!

 This is the McCall's pattern I used, I have it in 2 sizes.

I still have one more of these dresses to make before Christmas!

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  1. Reagan looks so charming in her new dress. Love all the fabrics you used in the dress and bag - they coordinate so perfectly! Love this pattern - another beauty!!