Jun 29, 2020

Bee Patriotic sew along, week 4

I finished my last 3 blocks in the Bee Patriotic sew along.
My favorite part was choosing the fabrics :)
I can honestly say that this is my favorite block in the quilt.
I really like the two shades of pink on the outer points.

I love this block, it looks like there are little pink hearts in the corners.

This is the pinwheel block.
Nothing says summer fun more than a pinwheel!

I can hardly wait to sew all the posts and sashings together 
and show you my finished quilt top next week.
I already added the borders to each block.

Stay tuned!

Jun 22, 2020

Bee Patriotic Sew Along, week 3

I'm loving this sew along, is anyone else following along?
This is my Shine block, I enjoyed making the hourglass blocks.

This is the Snowflake block, it looks like a firecracker!

This is the Reindeer Hooves block, it looks great in this color combo :)

I started cutting the borders for each block in the background color,
but found out that I didn't have quite enough fabric.
I can't run to the fabric store, because I live too far away from one.
I did the only thing I knew how, I pieced the border sashings together until I had enough...it shouldn't be very noticeable, 
because the sashings will only be 1" wide, finished.
Has anyone every done this before?

Jun 15, 2020

Bee Patriotic Sew Along, week 2

Here are three more of my Bee Patriotic blocks.
I love choosing the colors!

I'm having so much fun with this sew along.

My goal is to make as many "cute" quilts as I can, 
so that I'll have 14 for my grandchildren to choose one each, beginning with the oldest.

I have about 4 completed, and about 10 that I need to quilt!  Yikes!!!
When I'm finished with this Bee Patriotic quilt,
and another "secret" one that I'm making for one of my grand daughters for Christmas,
I'll begin machine quilting those lonely quilt tops.
Thanks for following :)

Jun 8, 2020

Bee Patriotic Sew Along, week 1

I'm so excited to be making the Bee Patriotic quilt.
As I've mentioned before, 
everything that Lori Holt does is so much fun!
I purchased a few fat quarters to add 
to my Lori Holt collection of fabric.
Here's my selection of reds and pinks.

Here are my navys and aquas.

Here's my background, sashings and border fabric.
I'm going to be using a red border 
instead of a navy one.

I have a confession to make...
I made these blocks ahead of the sew along, 
because we had company visiting.

I didn't use the same fabrics as Lori used,
but my color values are the same.

Are any of you sewing along too?

Jun 1, 2020

Awesome Ocean

I am so excited to make this quilt!
I love Elizabeth Hartman's patterns, 
all of her animals are so cute!
I'm making this for one of my grand daughters 
for Christmas.

Here are all of my Preppy Whales...

There are eight of each underwater animal, 
in eight different color categories.
I am using fabrics from my stash.
Luckily, I had a fat eighth bundle of Elizabeth Hartman's "Reef" fabric.
I just chose fabrics to go along with that.

Here is Mr. Manatee, I just love him!
The background is Kona Oyster.
It's kind of blah but it also doesn't outdo the animals.
I thought of using blue, but it clashed with the colors of some of the animals.

Look at the Manatee with the seahorse fabric!
The brown one's body is made of safety pins.

I am having a great time making this quilt, 
I can hardly wait to get started on Octavia,
the octopus!