Apr 24, 2023

Criss Cross Star blocks

 I'm making lots and lots of stars!  Criss cross stars that is, from Lori Holt's Scrappiness is Hapiness book. The points don't have to be perfect, the star sort of floats on the square :) 

This is my design wall right now.

I've made both 12" and 6" blocks.

I'm participating in a block exchange with my quilt group, 
Farm Girl Chicks.  We each make and turn in twelve 12" blocks, and we get twelve back. The same with the 6" blocks.

I will be making the picnic quilt layout, found in Lori Holt's 
Farm Girl Vintage book. 

The blocks must all be red, white and blue, not pinks and the points must be all the same color.

I just love block exchanges!  Even if you get an ugly one, it always blends into the quilt and looks beautiful!

I hope to put this quilt together soon :)

Apr 16, 2023

Heartfelt Charity Quilt finished!

 The Heartfelt quilt is  Fat Quarter Shop's 9th Annual Charity quilt.

( I wanted to be in the photos this time ❤️)

It is designed by Corey Yoder and you can read all about it here.

I absolutely love these quilt alongs, it's so much fun to make the blocks when they're released and then wait for the next group of blocks to be released.  I kept up with this quilt along, but it usually takes me a while to get the quilt quilted.

Pam Rackley machine quilted it for me, the design is called Arches. She always does a beautiful job :)

The fabric I used for the quilt was a fat quarter bundle of "Just Red" by Zen Chic at Moda fabric, which I bought at Hummingbird quilts.

 The background is a Corey Yoder fabric, the same one that Kimberly Jolly used in her quilt.

The back is a Free Spirit print that I also bought at Hummingbird quilts.

There are six different heart blocks in the quilt.

You can see one of my posts on these blocks here.

A special thank you to my daughter in law
 Mabulane (mah-boo-lah-knee) and my grand daughters 
Neo ( nay-oh)(12), Kylie (10) and Izzy (8) for making my photos so,  so much cuter!!!

Apr 2, 2023

Sew Be It

 The name of this quilt is Sew Be It by Lola Molina. It's 61" X 73".

To tell you the truth, I'm never crazy about making quilts with panels.   The panels are a little wonky and it's a little difficult to square them accurately.  Other than the panels, I really enjoyed making this quilt.  I had to pay close attention to the direction of the different Irish Chain style squares.  I think the color is cute and really love the sewing theme.  Pam Rackley at Sweet Pz's in Gilbert, Arizona will be selling kits for this quilt.

Many thanks to my friend Nedra, for taking the photo in her backyard.