Apr 24, 2023

Criss Cross Star blocks

 I'm making lots and lots of stars!  Criss cross stars that is, from Lori Holt's Scrappiness is Hapiness book. The points don't have to be perfect, the star sort of floats on the square :) 

This is my design wall right now.

I've made both 12" and 6" blocks.

I'm participating in a block exchange with my quilt group, 
Farm Girl Chicks.  We each make and turn in twelve 12" blocks, and we get twelve back. The same with the 6" blocks.

I will be making the picnic quilt layout, found in Lori Holt's 
Farm Girl Vintage book. 

The blocks must all be red, white and blue, not pinks and the points must be all the same color.

I just love block exchanges!  Even if you get an ugly one, it always blends into the quilt and looks beautiful!

I hope to put this quilt together soon :)

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  1. Love these blocks. One of my favorite block patterns.