Jun 10, 2013

Humanitarian Project

 There is a humanitarian activity at my church every Monday morning.  People make quilt tops, tie quilts, and stuff pillows.  All the fabric and supplies are donated.  
The idea is to make as many quilt tops as possible, in a small amount of time.  It is a different way of quilting than I'm used to.
Usually I design a quilt with little pieces like flying geese, stars, and other blocks that I love.
It would take too long to make quilts like that, so we just piece the quilts with large pieces of fabric out of the bins of donated fabric.
There was one piece that was so intricate, someone had painstakingly pieced a table topper.  No one knew how to use it.
I unpicked the triangles on the outside, sewed the four triangles into  two squares, and added them to the side of the quilt.  I found fabric that matched and pieced my quilt, humanitarian style!
I really like the end result.  Now it's ready to be tied.
The quilts are given to local charities, or sent to Salt Lake City to be sent to people in need, all over the world.  It feels good to help, even in such a small way.
If you really think about it though, if everyone would help a little, it would amount to a whole lot of love :)

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