Apr 29, 2013

The Weekender Travel Bag

I have seen this bag on various blogs and really liked it!
My daughter will soon be an interior design graduate and needs a large bag to carry her supplies.
This bag would be perfect for her :)

The pattern is a little difficult, but I am sure I can tackle it.
I have a "Weekender Bag" board on Pinterest.
Most of the bags are very bright and colorful.
Vanessa wanted fabric that was more subdued and professional looking.  This is the fabric for the outside of the bag.
It was difficult to get the true colors when we ordered online.
I'm not really sure about the chevron.
I don't think it matches very well but I'm hoping it will look nice together when the bag is sewn together.
Do you think I should try to get a piece that matches better?

This is the fabric and cording for the piping.
Again, the color wasn't true online!

This fabric will be lining, I think it's very rich looking.

These are the rest of the supplies and notions that I will be using when making the bag.  There are two types of interfacing used although I only have one in the photo.  One is very stiff and the other is a soft, woven interfacing.

I would love to have your suggestions concerning the fabric.
I don't think the chevron matches but I would like some validation.
Thanks for following my blog!

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  1. I wish I was as brave as you! I'm afraid I might go a little wacky if I tried to make one of these bags! Love the fabrics!

  2. You can SEW do this...and here is a link to MY bag!!! A lot intimidating, but I LOVE my bag. Happy Sewing. XXX

  3. after scrolling over the fabric a couple of times, and even taking my glasses off, I think that they are fine! I think it will be elegant and sofisticated. Take your time, breath, and enjoy the process.

  4. There are several sites with recommendations on how to tackle this pattern. I am still collecting supplies. Love the lining print and the geometric print. Best of luck.