Nov 11, 2019

Hansel and Gretel panel

Santa's workshop is in full swing at my house :)
I bought a Stacy Iset Hsu panel on Etsy and made this adorable little Hansel and Gretel set.
It comes with the dolls, the little teddy bear, the bunny,
pillow and quilt.

Some of my grandchildren just love these, 
they're so much fun to play with.
They come on a panel, you simply cut along the dotted lines, sew, turn right side out, press, stuff and stitch closed.
(oh, is that all, you say!!!)

While I was in my sewing room, 
you can see that the little girls were very curious.

I also ordered this James Marshall book on Amazon.
The story is a little much though, because their mother makes the father take them to the woods so that they can get lost, 
or eaten by a witch!
There's a happy ending though, the children live happily ever after with their father... even though he was rather weak...

This is what the panel looks like, 
with very easy to follow instructions.

I always make a lined drawstring back to hold everything in.
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  1. So cute, Cynthia! Love how your grandchildren will get hours of fun with these - and you're sewing again, Yay!! Enjoy organizing your new sewing room.