Aug 9, 2013

Paper Doll WIP

Welcome to paper doll Friday ♥
I am sewing over 1000 l l/2" little squares together for the sashing.
There just isn't enough room on the floor to lay out all the blocks.
I don't want the blocks to get wrinkled, so I pinned some twine along one wall of my sewing room and attached the blocks with clothespins.

Ignore the "sports" border on the wall!
With all my pretty sewing things surrounding me, I never notice it!

As I counted some of the strips, I laid them over my pennant so that they wouldn't get mixed up with the uncounted ones.

See you next Friday, I hope to have the quilt top completed )

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  1. I am so loving seeing this quilt come together. Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. That really is the cutest quilt by Lori, and it's fun to see your version coming together. A lot of work!

  3. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!!!!

  4. I was curious as to how far you were on that sashing !! It's gorgeous!!!! Tune back in next Friday for the next episode?? :)

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  6. Keep up the good work Cynthia, your quilt is too sweet! Love the little glimpses of your sewing room too! Looking forward to next Friday!