Aug 26, 2013

A Trip to the Doll Shop

I love to visit Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah, and my grand daughter Kennedy loves to accompany me. I love being with her, so it's a win/win situation :). Kennedy is 6 years old and she loves dolls, their clothes and accessories. She has a particular love for paper dolls!
There is a gorgeous store at Gardner Village called the Georgell Doll Shop.
Come inside with us for a visit......

These clothes are all for 18" dolls, like American Girl dolls.

Hats, wedding dresses, princess dresses, and so much more!

There is doll candy everywhere you look! Kennedy is in doll heaven...

A rack of "groovy girls", Kennedy has a few of those!
Whenever we come to this shop, she chooses one who looks like her mom, one who looks like her dad (yes, they are some boy groovy dolls), one who looks like her big brother Bridger, one who looks like her little sister Charlotte, and one who looks like herself. She even chooses one who looks like me :)
It's really cute to see the different ones she chooses!

Look at the pretty chandeliers, they have dragon flies dangling from them.

Ooh la la!!!

I love the hardwood floor.

One last look before we leave the store....

Kennedy thinks it's a treat just to go inside this doll shop, she never even asks me to buy her anything :)

Kennedy is a little doll herself!!!
She always likes to dress fancy.
When I come to visit, she loves to choose my clothes for the day.
First she lays out the undergarments, in the shape of a body on the floor.
Then she lays the clothes on top, in order.
On top of that, she puts the jewelry she wants me to wear.
Kennedy makes me feel really special, and I love her to the moon and back!

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  1. What a fun and special outing with Kennedy! She sounds like a clothes designer in the making! I'm assuming the baby is here??