Aug 27, 2013

Diaper Pouch Tutorial

I found the cutest Diaper Pouch tutorial, here is the link.
I made one and is it so easy, that I want to make a whole bunch of them for gifts!
You can grab this little pouch and throw it in your diaper bag, or just carry it all by itself and you will always have a few diapers and some wet wipes!
This is the view of the little pouch sideways, isn't it cute?
I made it for my daughter Lindsay, and she chose the fabric from her stash.
This is the bottom of the bag, it has a box pleat to fit more items.
The Diaper Pouch holds three diapers, a pack of wet wipes, and a tube of diaper rash ointment, car keys and a cell phone. It would be smart to add a little pocket in the lining, for your cell phone.
I'm excited to make some more, and when I do, I'll definitely show them to you :)