Mar 25, 2012

Sewing Kit

I made this sewing kit for my son who is going on a church mission for two years to Brazil.  
My son is an Eagle Scout, so I thought that it would be "manly" to use this theme.  Besides, everything else I have is pink with flowers.
I had some Boy Scout fabric that I made a quilt out of a few years ago, so I made this sewing kit from the scraps. I cut out the rank badges and the words from the Scout law from the fabric, ironed them to wonder under and ironed them onto some charcoal colored fabric.  Then I outline stitched them so they wouldn't unravel.

 The vertical tab (red star fabric to the left of the felt) holds two spools of thread and closes with velcro.

I like all the pockets and the scissor holder.

This is the back of the kit.

These are all the things that are being put into the kit....a usb drive (non sewing related....), iron on reflective tape, thread holders, iron on mending fabric, a seam ripper (who doesn't need one of these!!!), folding scissors, safety pins and a "pink" tape measure (you never know!!...about the tape measure I mean, not the pink :))

 Here is the sewing kit fully loaded!!!

Come back tomorrow.  I made a really cute "girlie" sewing kit, complete with a TUTORIAL and a GIVEAWAY!!!!
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  1. I hope Sean appreciates that! And I hope he doesn't lose it! :) Can't wait for the tutorial and giveaway tomorrow!!!