Mar 14, 2012

Kelsey's Fashion show, especially for Kennedy

Santa Claus gave my grandaughter Kennedy, a beautiful doll for Christmas.  Her name is Kelsey.  Grandpa and Grammy (me) bought Kennedy a wardrobe closet for Kelsey, and I sewed a wardrobe to fill the closet.
It was so much fun sewing doll clothes, especially knowing how much Kennedy would love dressing her doll.  Here are some of the patterns I used to create Kelsey's wardrobe.

I present to you, a fashion show starring Kelsey and her many outfits.

The shirt and leggings were made from one of Lindsay's (my daughter, Kennedy's mother) tee shirts. The ruffles on the skirt weren't finished on the hem.  I put a little bit of fray check along the raw edge so that the ruffles won't fray.  It worked perfectly!

Kelsey is sporting the same top and leggings, except now she has a little tunic.  Notice the teeny weeny little yo yos along the front.

Kelsey's outfit is made entirely of fleece with a little fur trim along the cuff of her mittens and the cuff of her boots.  The white jumper is worn on top of a blue fleece top.

Kelsey is dressed for a morning at the gym.  Notice the contrasting trim along the sides of her pants and along her sleeves.  Kelsey must be going to yoga class, because she is carrying her yoga bag.

Kelsey is doing a plank!  She is one talented doll :)  The tee shirt she is wearing is an old one of mine.  If you were wondering, my shirt was much much bigger, I had to cut it down to fit Kelsey.

Kelsey is ready for the rodeo.  She has been practicing her lasso skills.  Notice her adorable boots?

Kelsey is a very active girl.  She is going swimming in her sunshine yellow bathing suit, complete with flippers

Kelsey is wearing her "Fancy Nancy" dress with a big green silk bow.

Kelsey is ready to cook, complete with apron, chef's hat, towel and oven mitt.

Kelsey also takes ballet lessons.  Her leotard is made from one of Lindsay's tee shirts.  I broke a couple of sewing machine needles, sewing over the beads.

After a long day, Kelsey wants some rest and relaxation.  She sports her p.j.'s and puts on her pretty robe with matching slippers


Kennedy really loves Kelsey.  They have a lot in common.  They both love to dress up, they both have big blue eyes, and they both like dance class.

Kennedy and I re organized Kelsey's closet and folded everything neatly and put it away.

Kelsey wanted to help us get ready for a tea party.  Voice by Kennedy who is 4 l/2 years old ♥  Filmed by Kennedy also

Thanks so much for watching the fashion show and learning a little bit about Kennedy and Kelsey.

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  1. That's really cute! I love Kennedy's video at the end :) And she is so lucky to have such a talented Grammy--I know these clothes are something that her grandchildren will play with--hopefully the doll lasts just as long!

  2. You win Grandma of the year award, I love your creations and you have passed on your great taste and talents to your daughters.

  3. Oh my goodness. You are amazing!!

  4. That is just so adorable!! You are one creative Grannie!! Hope to join that club real soon.... maybe just 1 week away!!!

    Love ya, Marianne

  5. O my goodness Cynthia! The fashion show was darling, especially the end when Kennedi
    was talking! I can't wait to be a grandma! .....only maybe a week away....

    Love & miss ya,