Mar 22, 2012

Monster Smoothie

Now for something a little bit different.
I try to go to exercise class every morning.....and when I come home I like to have something healthy, filling and low calorie.  I have been drinking this Monster Smoothie for a couple of years now.  I have refined it somewhat and I think it is really delicious.

I used to use my blender, but it is big and a pain to wash out every day.  My husband bought me a little machine that you insert these special cups into.  It is so much easier to use!  It comes with about four or five of these plastic cups that go in the dishwasher.

One cup of milk, or a little less.  I like to use coconut milk, but didn't have any when I took these photos.  The coconut milk adds the perfect amount of sweetness.  I recommend trying it in the smoothie.

One banana, broken into pieces.

Two large tablespoons full of greek yogurt, about a l/4 of a cup.
Fage (pronounced fa - yeh) is my favorite because it is thick and creamy and has a great flavor.

One cup of frozen peaches.  The peaches add sweetness, and since they are frozen, they make the smoothie cold.  Don't use red or blue berries because your smoothie will be a nasty brown color.  I used to use fresh mangoes, but I prefer the frozen peaches.  Stuff the peaches down in the cup.

Now add a large handful (about one cup) of fresh baby spinach leaves.  It sounds gross to put spinach in a drink but you can't taste it. 

I squeeze the blade onto the cup and screw it on tightly.

Then I blend the smoothie until it is all mixed up, about a minute.

Now I can enjoy my very healthy, creamy and delicious Monster Smoothie.  Two servings of dairy, two servings of fruit and one serving of vegetables.  *You can add some ground flax seed for extra benefits.  Try it and tell me what you think :)

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