Mar 13, 2012

Updating the Master Bedroom

We have had the same bedding and decor for about six years, that is a long time for us!  Our comforter was showing a lot of wear, the gold threads were unraveling and it was massively heavy....
What color should we redo our room?  I love gray, it is really popular right now.  I went looking for gray bedding but couldn't find anything I liked.  I saw some very luxurious soft and light down comforters.  White is so clean and fresh.  I kept looking and discovered that all the department stores had these crisp, white down comforters.  Now I just had to compare prices.  I found that Kohl's had the best sales, with Kohl's cash as well.  Double bonus!!
I went to Kohl's to select a beautiful new soft, white comforter, and spotted a yellow quilt with matching shams.    I fell in love ♥  The yellow was so happy and "sunshiny".
Here is a picture of our bed with our old comforter.

Before I show you the new bed, let me mention a few things.....My daughter Rebecca made me the most  beautiful pillow for Christmas.  I love handmade gifts!  She cut out 400 pieces of wool felt to make this beauty, and lined it with a vintage lace tablecloth.  It fit on our new bed perfectly!!!  She found it on my "pillow" board on pinterest and knew I would like it.  Well I don't really like it, I love it : )

I also found a pillow on various blogs that I really loved a few months before the bedding redo.  I found out that they were sold at Target so I marched myself straight there and bought two of them.  They had similar ones in pink and blue also, it was really difficult resisting the urge to buy one in every color.  Since the pink and blue didn't really match any of my decor, I just kept walking.  These are the pillows I found at Target.

I ♥ these pilows

Here is a photo of our bedding redo with the fluffly, lightweight down comforter, the sunny yellow quilt, and the fabulous pillows.

Oh oh, there is a problem....the bedside lampshades are still red. This is what the lamps used to look like.

I didn't want to get rid of the old lamps and get new ones, I wanted to DIY them.  I have been inspired by other people's projects and wanted to do some of my own.  I made a trip to the hardware store in search of spray paint and glaze. My color scheme is yellow, white and gray.  I found some really pretty pewter spray paint.  After scouring the paint aisle for a while, I found a can of glaze.  I asked the paint specialist to add some black to the glaze.  He said there wasn't much room in the can but he would try his best.
I taped the electric cord and the switch so that they wouldn't be sprayed pewter.  I took the lamp outside and sprayed away.  The paint dries really quickly, in about 10 minutes.  Then I took a little sponge brush and dabbed glaze on the leaf features.  I immediately wiped the glaze off with a paper towel.  It left a slight black imprint on the indentations.  I love the look!

Now for the lampshade.  I bought two at Target, they were only about $7.  I tried them on the lamp and the brackets were too low, the lightbulb showed.  That didn't work at all, so I returned them.  I knew that if I glued the fabric over the red, that the red would show through when the light was on.  I discovered that the red fabric on the lampshade peeled off if I was very careful.  I made a pattern from the shade and cut out the pretty fabric that I bought just for this project.  "Daisy Cottage" designed by my friend, Lori Holt.  Her blog is called " bee in my bonnet " and her button is on the right hand side of my blog.

I sprayed glue onto the plastic lamp shade and layed it on top of the fabric.  Then I just trimmed the fabric with sharp scissors.

I glued the glass beading trim to the inside of the lampshade.  

I glued a fabric braid to the outside of the lampshade's top and bottom, to hide the raw edges of the fabric.  I'm sorry that the pictures aren't so great.  With practice I will learn how to take photos of every step.Voila, here is the finished product.

I wanted some more gray in the room, so I decided to make table runners for the dressers on both sides of the bed. This is the table runner I made for my husband's dresser.

This is the tablerunner I made for my dresser.  I wasn't quite through binding it.  I love the jumbo gray rick rack, and I especially like the quilting I did by machine.  It was really easy but has quite an effect, don't you think?

That is the end of the bedroom DIY.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Really love your new bedroom!!! I would LOVE to do mine--but I'll just have to be patient :)

  2. Looks Good! I like it a lot better.

  3. Love the new blog Cynthia! And how fun to see what you did with an old lamp shade and Lori's fabrics. So beautiful!

  4. Cynthia- It is beautiful and uplifting what you have done with your bedroom! I love the lamp shades and the table runner. Thanks for the inspiration... Hope you are all well...
    Love you guys

  5. Cynthia, you have an incredible talent. I love the table runners, pillows, and your lamps turned out fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I spread this blog along to some friends. I think you need to teach me a thing or two or three or more!!!

  6. that turned out really nicely. i want gray also with one or two bright colors.

  7. Cynthia! You are so talented! I love everything you did!!